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Owning a home is a dream for many. Kotak Mahindra Bank simplifies this journey by providing comprehensive home loan options. Furthermore, with home loan tax benefits, one can also make substantial tax savings. Let’s delve into how to save tax on your home loan this year.

What are the Tax Benefits of a Home Loan?

One can claim a significant tax saving on home loan interests and principal repayments. This not only reduces your taxable income but also eases the financial burden, turning your dream home into a smart investment.

Different Sections of the Income Tax Act that offer Home Loan tax exemption

The Income Tax Act provides several provisions for homeowners to claim exemptions:

  • House loan tax exemption under Section 80C for principal repayment up to ₹1.50 lakhs.
  • Tax benefits under Section 24(b) allow for an interest tax deduction on home loan up to ₹2 Lakhs.
  • First-time homebuyers can benefit from additional deductions under Section 80EEA.
  • Section 80EE allows for home loan interest tax saving for those who meet specific criteria.

Types of Deductions on Housing Loan

Tax benefits on home loans are classified into:

  • Deductions on the principal amount.
  • Interest deductions for first-time buyers.
  • Deductions for joint loans and second home loans.
  • Utilize a home loan calculator to comprehend your house loan interest rates and associated benefits better.

Tax Deduction on the Principal Amount  

Under Section 80C, one can claim a house loan tax exemption on the principal repayment up to ₹1.5 Lakhs. This not only provides relief but makes the home loan for tax saving a practical choice.

Tax Deduction For the First-time Home Buyers

First-time homebuyers get an additional advantage with Section 80EEA. They can claim an extra tax deduction on home loan interest payments up to ₹1.5 Lakh, optimizing their tax saving on home loan.

Tax Deduction for a Joint Home Loan

When opting for a joint home loan, both the co-applicants can claim tax deductions. This approach essentially doubles the home loan tax benefit if both applicants fall under different tax brackets.

Tax Deductions on Second Home Loan

If you’re venturing into a second property with a house loan, the entire interest amount on the loan can be claimed as a deduction, offering even more avenues for home loan tax benefit.

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Factors Affecting Tax Benefits on Home Loans

Several factors influence the tax benefits:

  • The loan amount and property type.
  • Co-ownership status and usage of the property. By understanding these, one can optimize home loan interest tax saving strategies.


Expert Tips for Maximizing Tax Savings

Financial experts suggest regular monitoring of house loan interest rates, considering early or part prepayments, and understanding the impact of co-ownership for maximizing tax saving on home loan.

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Home Loan Tax Benefit FAQs


Who can claim tax deductions on housing loans?

Anyone with a housing loan from a recognized institution can claim tax deductions.

How much tax benefit on home loans can I get?

You can get deductions up to ₹1.50 lakhs on the principal and up to ₹2 lakhs on interest.

Is home loan EMI tax-free?

MIs aren't tax-free, but components like principal and interest offer tax benefits.

Is Home Loan Tax Benefits Available Under Section 80 EEA?

Yes, especially for first-time homebuyers, offering deductions on interest.

Can my spouse claim income tax deduction when we buy the house jointly?

Absolutely, both co-applicants can claim tax deductions on a joint home loan.

Can I claim tax benefits if I purchase a property with a home loan but the house is under construction?

Yes, but the tax benefits on the interest paid can be claimed in five equal installments starting from the year the house is ready for possession.

Can I claim tax benefits on a home loan taken for the renovation of a property?

Yes, tax deductions can be availed for loans taken for renovation or repair.

Can I claim tax benefits under both Sections 80EE and 24 of the IT Act?

Yes, if you meet the criteria for both sections, you can claim benefits under each. Kotak Mahindra Bank understands the significance of homeownership and the value of tax savings. By comprehending the home loan tax benefit, one can make an informed decision ensuring a smooth financial journey to their dream home. 

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