Kotak Spendz

Here’s why you should use Spendz


Manage Monthly Budget Easily

Keep track of your finances and transactions, no matter the amount!


Assured 1% Cashback With Spendz Card, Every Day

Enjoy 1% cashback on your daily spends made through your Spendz Card! No cap on cashback and no minimum spends!


Flexible Payments

From UPI to card payments, Spendz supports it all!




Frequently Asked Questions

What is Spendz?

Kotak Spendz is a prepaid offering for your small, daily expenses. It is specially designed to help track your day to day expenses separately, making it easier to manage budget and avoid overspending.

The best part? You enjoy FLAT 1% cashback on making offline (POS swipes) and online (E-com apps / websites) spends with the Spendz Card. 

How does Spendz help in budget management?

Here’s how you can manage your budget smartly with Spendz:


a.       Add money in Spendz (Preferably your monthly expenses budget)

b.       Make all your daily payments from Spendz via Spendz Card or UPI

c.       Track your expenses easily in the Spendz statement

This way you can control your monthly expenses and avoid overspending. 

Who can apply for Spendz?

Spendz can be opened by any existing Full KYC Kotak Savings Account or Full KYC Individual Current Account customer via the Kotak Mobile App. 

How to apply for Spendz?

You can open Spendz at ZERO cost via the Kotak Mobile App. Simply follow the below steps to get Spendz in just a few seconds:

a.       Login to Kotak Mobile App

b.       Tap on Spendz Prepaid under the Bank section

c.       Agree to the T&C and tap on Apply Now

d.       Enter your MPIN & you’re done!

How to use Spendz?

  1. Go to Kotak Mobile App
  2. Tap on Spendz Prepaid under the Bank section
  3. Tap on Add Money and load money as per your requirement
  4. Now you can make payments conveniently via Spendz Card, Pay Your Contact, Scan & Pay or Billpay

You can also order the physical Spendz Card to make offline / in-store payments (including Tap & Pay) as well as use it at ATMs.