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Please Note:

  • Nomination facility is available on all deposit accounts, articles in safe custody and safe deposit vaults.
  • Bank exchanges soiled notes and mutilated notes.
  • Bank accepts / exchange coins of all denominations.
  • If a banknote tendered at the branch is found to be counterfeit, bank will issue an acknowledgement to the tenderer after stamping the note.
  • We open 'No frills' accounts.
  • The Bank will consider the clear balance available in your account at the beginning of the day to process cheques in Inward Clearing.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is Micro ATM?

Micro ATM is a mini version of an ATM. Micro ATMs are like modified point of sales terminals this terminal can connect to banking network via GPRS to perform banking transactions. This machine contains card swipe facility. This initiative aims to bridge the gap between the need and availability of cash requirement in the eco-system.

This initiative aims to bridge the gap between the need and availability of cash requirement in the eco-system.

What is Google Pay?

Google Pay is secure and easy-to-use mobile payment service which can be used to make purchases and payments nearly everywhere.

How to open the Kotak UNI Student Bank Account?

You can open a Kotak UNI Student Bank Account digitally, from anywhere, thanks to the Video KYC feature. It involves getting on a video call with a Kotak bank executive to complete your KYC process, essentially ruling out a visit to a Kotak bank branch completely.

Can a senior citizen open a savings account?

Yes, a senior citizen can open Grand - Savings Account which is only applicable for Indian residents of age 55 years and above.

What is the ActivMoney facility?

Through this facility you can earn a much higher interest on your idle funds in the Savings Bank Account.

The idle funds from your savings account (at a pre-specified threshold limit) are transferred automatically to a term Deposit. The funds move back in to the savings account in case of funds requirements.

The advantages of this facility are:

  • Higher rate of interest earned.
  • You need NOT track idle funds regularly & give instructions to the bank to create Term Deposits out of Savings Account balances.
  • Greater Flexibility & Liquidity as the funds flow back into the Savings Account if the balance in the Savings Account falls below a particular level.