Banking Policies

Customer Rights Policy
Policy on General Management of Branches
Corporate Policy Manual on Ethical Conduct, Avoidance of Conflict of Interest And Protection of Confidential And Proprietary Information
Policy for Grievance Redressal
Policy on Collection of Dues and Repossession of Security
Policy for Cheque Collection
Compensation Policy
Deposit Policy
MSE policy

Please Note:

  • Nomination facility is available on all deposit accounts, articles in safe custody and safe deposit vaults.
  • Bank exchanges soiled notes and mutilated notes.
  • Bank accepts / exchange coins of all denominations.
  • If a banknote tendered at the branch is found to be counterfeit, bank will issue an acknowledgement to the tenderer after stamping the note.
  • We accept direct tax collection.
  • We open 'No frills' accounts.
  • The Bank will consider the clear balance available in your account at the beginning of the day to process cheques in Inward Clearing.