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Type of Financial Inclusion

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Nodal Branch Details

  • In case of any dispute/discrepancy related to accounts serviced through our Business Correspondents, Customers may register complaint by approaching respective Nodal Branch 

List of Villages covered by BC Model

  • Villages covered by Business Correspondent Model under ICT Based Financial Inclusion Initiative

Business Correspondent Details

  • Details of all the Business Correspondents 

Financial Inclusion Savings Account

  • The Kotak Basic Savings Bank Deposit Account (BSBDA) and Small Savings Account are Savings bank accounts with all basic banking facilities with no Minimum Balance requirements and simple KYC documentation.

Financial Inclusion

  • Extending formal banking system among the less privileged in urban & rural India.
  • Weaning them away from unorganized money markets and moneylenders.
  • Equipping them with the confidence to make informed financial decisions.

BSBDA/Small Accounts - Business Correspondent (Manipal Technologies Ltd.)

  • A Savings bank account with all basic banking facilities with no Minimum Balance requirements.