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11 MAY, 2022

Today, almost every individual is aware of the alarming environmental crisis that the planet is facing. Some of the threats that Earth is facing right now are the increase in global temperature, water pollution, air pollution, biodiversity loss, plastic pollution, etc. With these dangers threatening our existence, going eco-friendly is no more just a noble service but an absolute necessity. 

Interestingly, one of the biggest industries that affect the environment is housing. With the population constantly increasing, the construction of more and more houses means more deforestation and an increase in the requirement for raw materials like steel, cement, wood, etc., that generates wastes. Not just constructing houses, even renovating houses can use up a lot of resources. The good thing is, there are numerous eco-friendly ways that one can lean towards while opting for their home renovation. 


Considering the degradation and environmental harm the world is facing, we can take the first step to save the environment through our homes. Here are some eco-friendly, sustainable and natural ways to renovate your house.


Change the orientation of the house

The more energy you consume, the higher is your emission of greenhouse gas. Thankfully, small changes in your house’s orientation can reduce your energy consumption significantly. Letting in natural light and air in your house is better for your health and your pocket too. While renovating your house, change the orientation to let in maximum sunlight. The windows should face the direction in which you get more sunlight and fresh air. However, if you live in a hotter region, it is crucial to restrict the windows to the west to avoid overheating of windows and thus your house. Similarly, ensure enough ventilation in the house to keep your house cool naturally. This will reduce AC consumption that emits huge quantities of carbon dioxide.


Use sustainable material

Now, when you have decided to renovate your house, ensure you use the best materials. The materials you use should have a minimum adverse impact on the environment. However, while opting for the best materials, ensure to opt for reuse and recycling too. You might need to tear down walls and cabinets to expand your house. You can use those materials and other recycled materials for renovation. You can use recycled glass, wood, bricks, etc., and also reuse wooden planks to make new cabinets and furniture. Moreover, you can also opt for locally procured products as it reduces transportation cost and energy consumption. You can also avail a home improvement loan to finance your renovation.


Use energy-efficient products

The quality of products you use in your house can lower your energy consumption and make your house eco-friendly. It is best to use energy-efficient appliances as this guarantees less energy consumption. Do check the star rating while buying electronic appliances. The higher the stars, the more energy-efficient the appliance is. While changing doors or windows, opt for materials that have enough insulation. Increased insulation will maintain the temperature of your house and you would not need to use air-conditioners or heaters. Similarly, opt for LED lights or energy-efficient lights that consume less electricity. Remove and change outdated or inefficient appliances that use more energy.

Purchasing energy-efficient products and renovating your house can be heavy on your pocket. A home loan for renovation can help you fund your house renovation. However, when you apply for home loan, you must ensure to check your home loan eligibility and affordability. One way to do it is by using a home loan affordability calculator.


Go green

Greenery in your house can add elegance and beauty to your house and contribute to the environment. You can add greenery both outdoors and indoors. Make space for a lush green garden in your backyard and plant trees and flowering plants to let in the cool wind and fragrance of flowers. You can also opt for green roofing and plant walls to add a touch of greenery to the house. If you do not have space for gardens or landscapes, you can create a garden on the terrace or balcony that will keep your house naturally cooler.

While adding plants and pots inside the house, it is better to use plants that do not use much water and can survive in extreme temperatures. You can also install automatic watering or self-watering planters to ensure that plants are well taken care of.

A lot of flora and fauna can find homes in your garden and trees. You can contribute to the environment while keeping your house cool and beautiful.


Install energy-saving products

It could be the best idea to harness the sun for energy generation in India which receives sun rays in significant quantities. You can install solar (photovoltaic) panels on the house roof to convert solar power into electrical energy. If your house receives ample sunlight, you can use bamboo curtains to cool your house rather than switching on air-conditioners.

Also, keep separate waste bins for dry and wet trash to ensure that waste can be recycled whenever possible.


Save water, save Earth

One of the many ways to reduce pressure on the environment is by saving water. You can adopt numerous measures to reduce water consumption and wastage in your house. You could install a system where greywater and wastewater can be recycled to be used for washing or cleaning. You can also install rainwater harvesting in your house to ensure every drop of rainwater is saved and preserved. Moreover, using dual flush toilets and low-flow faucets are the best ways to reduce water wastage.


There are various ways to renovate your house that resonate with the eco-friendly theme. The secret is to design your house in a way that saves energy and water, minimises waste and enhances the use of natural resources. You must consider the location and orientation of your house while making a blueprint for your home renovation. It is best to take help from an interior decorator or an architect to get the best tips for renovating your house in an eco-friendly way. Do not let lack of finances deter you from doing your bit for the environment. Check out the home loan interest rates offered by different lenders and make prudent decisions. Take the first step towards saving Earth and plan your eco-friendly home renovation today!

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