We at Kotak, offer structured and customized banking solutions to help maximize our customers’ business potential. We have a rich history of banking for the Manufacturing sector which is the core of the economy. We understand the industry and different requirements for diversified manufacturing sub-segments.

We cover the entire value chain from upstream to downstream and offer banking products at each level.


At Kotak, we have a specialised vertical to provide banking services to consultancies and financial infrastructure companies. The team caters to some of the largest international and domestic financial and management consultancy firms and leading credit rating agencies to name a few.


Kotak is one of the leading facilitator banks in the capital and commodity market space. Stock and commodity market brokers have needs that are peculiar and different from normal banking requirements. At Kotak, we have a dedicated team of domain experts and professionals to cater to just that! 

We offer a complete range of financial products to such capital market participants. 


Kotak is one of India's leading financial services institutions offering comprehensive and complete financial solutions to the Insurance industry. We provide Physical Collections, Digital Collections, Online Payments, Escrow, Treasury, Forex, Liquidity and Custody Solutions to our customers. Our customers include Public Sector Undertaking (PSU), Private Insurance Companies, Re-Insurance Companies and Re-Insurance Brokers in India.

We help our customers better manage cash flows and reconciliation turnaround times. In addition to this, we partner with our customers to provide customized solutions to match their business requirements. 


Education is the most important investment one makes in life. Kotak has a rich history of banking for the Education sector in both the traditional economy as well as the new aged digital world. We understand the industry and diversified requirements across schools (Government aided and non-aided), colleges, deemed universities and higher education.

We cover the entire value chain from upstream to downstream and offer banking products at each level.


Catering to the banking requirements of the Government and Government linked entities is a key focus at Kotak. We service a diverse clientele including Central and State Governments, their entities and their partners. We offer unified banking solutions by leveraging our digital competencies and service capabilities. 
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