18 SEPTEMBER, 2019

Call it Mumbai's speedy life or Bengaluru's sophisticated IT culture, every Indian city breathes in her own rhythm. Our country is diverse in terms of culture as well as climate. Different parts of India experience dissimilar weather at the same time of year. So, having your home designed according to the local climate is essential. However, modern home improvement projects can be more expensive than you expected. In such a situation, you can take the help of a home loan to renovate your house.
Here is an ultimate home décor guide for Indian cities,


Mumbai is known for its humid climate and overwhelming monsoons. The humidity in Mumbai is so high that you will feel hot even at night. Furthermore, Mumbai is a home of more than 1.8 crore people, which has made residential spaces comparatively smaller than other Indian cities. Mumbaikars design their houses in a way that they can utilise the space without cluttering it. Here are few famous home décor ideas for designing a house in Mumbai,

Bold upholstery

Bright mustard yellow coloured sofa with plaid cushion in the ivory environment living room, the entire scene is a mixture of playful colours. In Mumbai, the bright-hued upholstery against the neutral-toned wall has become one of the most used home décor designs. This type of arrangement gives your living room a lively appearance.


'Less is more,' this is a new home-designing approach that has become popular in Mumbai. Minimalism is an eye-pleasing method of using clean and straight-line designs. In Mumbai, where homes are small, minimalism can be very efficient as it avoids using all unnecessary things that may lead to untidiness.  

Two-toned kitchen

Creating a beautiful contrasting effect by using dark coloured base cabinets with light coloured overhead cabinets is the trick used for two-toned kitchens. Furthermore, U shaped and parallel shaped kitchen trending in compact houses of Mumbai.


Weather, greenery and gentleness, Bengaluru has everything that anyone wants in a city. Bengaluru is an amalgamation of old-world charm and modern start-up culture. Recently, the number of young homebuyers has increased in Bengaluru due to the development of the IT sector. This modern crowd is preferring following home décor ideas to decorate their houses,

Open spaces

Bengaluru has a lovely weather and greenery around the entire city. As a result, Bangaloreans are asking for structures like balconies or massive windows to enjoy the picturesque beauty of the town. Semi covered terraces, vertical gardens and outdoor furniture are among few of the trending home décor items of Bengalorean people.  

Environment-friendly interior

Bengalorean people are concerned about environmental suffering due to increasing pollution. Thus, they try to leverage on eco-friendly products to decorate their houses. Some of such eco-friendly things are recycled glass, long-lasting LED lights, non-toxic paint and many more.

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