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What Is JharBhoomi -Jharkhand Land Records?

JharBhoomi is an official land records portal established by the Department of Revenue and Land Reforms, Jharkhand. Developed along with the National Informatics Centre, JharBhoomi forms a part of the National Land Records Modernisation Program. Launched in 2016, the portal provides transparency to avoid disputes and make land records management more convenient. Available at https://JharBhoomi.jharkhand.gov.in/, its primary objective is to make land records in Jharkhand publicly accessible online. The following sections will discuss the system in detail.

Purpose of JharBhoomi

The primary purpose of the Jharkhand Bhoomi portal is to bring transparency to the state's land record management system and handle any issues that arise. The Indian government launched the portal under the National Land Records Modernisation Program (NLRMP) in 2016 to digitise the land record system in Jharkhand, enhance transparency, and minimise property-related disputes. Specifically, it provides land record-related information to the state’s residents in digital format.

Advantages of JharBhoomi Land Record System

The Bhoomi Jharkhand land record system offers multiple benefits to the state government and its inhabitants. Primarily, it has significantly reduced corruption and fraud in property transactions. Moreover, it increases efficiency in the administration of land records by making them accessible to Jharkhand citizens. For the government, it has increased revenue and led to better land resource management and planning.

How to Register as Khatian?

  1. Visit the official JharBhoomi portal.

  2. official JharBhoomi portal - Jharkhand

  3. Click 'See Account & Register-II'.

  4. Register-II JharBhoomi portal - Jharkhand

  5. Select 'Khatian'.

  6. Khatian-JharBhoomi portal Jharkhand Option 3

  7. Fill in the required fields, including district, land type, area name, account number, etc.

  8. Khatian-Fill in the required fields - JharBhoomi portal

  9. Click 'Khatian'.

  10. Khatian- Submit Details - JharBhoomi portal

How to Know Your Jharkhand Land Record Online?

  1. Visit the official JharBhoomi portal.

  2. Visit official JharBhoomi portal

  3. Click 'View your account'.

  4. View your account- JharBhoomi portal

  5. Select the appropriate district of the property location using a digital map on the screen.
  6. Select the concerned block.
  7. Select 'Halka' or 'Light'.
  8. Select the land type from the dropdown menu.
  9. Search by Mauja name, account number, account holder name, or Mauja as per Khasra Number.
  10. Click 'Search'.

  11. digital map JharBhoomi - property location using a digital map

  12. The record details will appear on the screen.

How to Check Application Status on JharBhoomi?

  1. Visit the official JharBhoomi portal.

  2. official JharBhoomi portal - Jharkhand Land Record Online

  3. Click 'Online Application' on the homepage.

  4. Check Online Application JharBhoomi - Jharkhand

  5. Login using your email ID and password.

  6. Login email ID and password-  JharBhoomi portal - Jharkhand

  7. Check the application status.

  8. Check application status- JharBhoomi portal - Jharkhand

  9. New users must register on the site before logging in.

How to Log in to the JharBhoomi Portal?

  1. Visit the official JharBhoomi portal.

  2. JharBhoomi portal Main Page

  3. Click 'Online Application' on the left side of the panel.

  4. How to Check Online Application Status -   JharBhoomi portal

  5. A new page will open, where you must select whether you are an existing member or a first-time user.

  6. existing member or a first-time user -  JharBhoomi portal-Jharkhand

  7. New users must click 'Register' and fill out the form.

  8. new user registration JharBhoomi portal-Jharkhand

  9. After entering all the information, click 'Proceed.'
  10. Registered users may proceed by entering their credentials, such as email address, password, and captcha.

  11. user registration - address, password, and captcha - JharBhoomi portal

How to Access Jharkhand Land Records on the JharBhoomi Portal?

  1. Visit the official JharBhoomi portal.
  2. Click the 'Check your Account' link on the left.
  3. You will see a district map of Jharkhand, where you must select the area of land location.
  4. A map of the district block will appear, including the places inside it.
  5. Choose the relevant block.
  6. Fill out the entries.
  7. Select the ‘Variety Ground’ on the next page.
  8. Select one of these to access the land record of Jharkhand online: Mauja name, account number, account holder name, or Mauja according to Khasra number.

What is Register-II on the JharBhoomi Portal?

Register-II on the Jharkhand Bhoomi portal comprises necessary details about the land, including its Khasra Number, Khata Number, type, etc. These details are required when opening a bank account, verifying the mutation status, checking the land title while buying or registering a property, checking legal records, or applying for a loan at a financial institution.   

Register-II on the JharBhoomi Portal Online

How to View Khasra Details on JharBhoomi Jharkhand?

  1. Visit the official JharBhoomi portal.
  2. Select ‘Khasra-wise details’.
  3. Choose a relevant block from the district map.
  4. Find the relevant form.
  5. Fill in the required details.
  6. Enter the CAPTCHA code.
  7. Click ‘Search’ to view the Khasra details.

  8. view Khasra-wise details - Jharkhand Bhoomi Portal

Essential Documents Required for Online Land Mutation on JharBhoomi

Provide these documents for online land mutation in Jharkhand Bhoomi:

  1. Identity Proof: Aadhar card, Voter ID, Passport, etc.
  2. Proof of Land Ownership: Sale deed, land deed, inheritance documents, etc.
  3. Passport-size photograph of all applicants
  4. The mutation application form can be downloaded from the JharBhoomi portal.

  5. Online Land Mutation on JharBhoomi Portal

How to Check the JharBhoomi Mutation Status?

  1. Visit the official JharBhoomi portal.

  2. application Status - official JharBhoomi portal

  3. Click ‘Application Status’ on the left-hand panel.

  4. application Status district Wise on JharBhoomi portal

  5. Select the district and block.

  6. application Status Block Wise on JharBhoomi portal

  7. Fill out an online form.

  8. Online application JharBhoomi Mutation Status

  9. Check the mutation status by applicant name, mauja, or case number.
  10. After selecting the details, click 'Search' to view Bhoomi Jharkhand's mutation status.

How Do I Get my JharBhoomi Naksha/Land Maps on the JharBhoomi Portal?

  1. Visit the official JharBhoomi portal.

  2. Visit JharBhoomi Portal

  3. Select ‘BhuNaksha’ on the left-hand menu panel.

  4. BhuNaksha JharBhoomi Portal

  5. The JharBhoomi BhuNaksha page will appear on the screen.

  6. JharBhoomi BhuNaksha Map

How to Calculate the Stamp Duty via the JharBhoomi Portal?

  1. Visit the official JharBhoomi ((https://jharnibandhan.gov.in/) ) portal.

  2. visit JharBhoomi Portal

  3. Click 'Stamp Duty Calculator'.

  4. Check Stamp Duty Calculator- NGDRS

  5. Enter the property details, including location, area, and type.

  6. Check property Detalis - NGDRS

  7. The calculator will calculate and display the stamp duty on the screen.

How to Pay Taxes Online Using the JharBhoomi Portal?

  1. Visit the official https://suda.jharkhand.gov.in

  2. Online Using the JharBhoomi Portal

  3. Select 'Pay Taxes' from the dashboard.

  4. Pay Taxes online in JharBhoomi Portal

  5. Enter property details.
    • Step : 1

    • Enter property details in - Step-1

    • Step : 2

    • Enter property details in - Step-2

  6. Choose a payment method from credit card, debit card, net banking, etc.
  7. Make the payment.

JharBhoomi Contact Information

For further information about land record Jharkhand, you can contact the following:

  1. Department of Revenue, Registration and Land Reforms, Government of Jharkhand
    New Auditorium, Ground Floor, Project Building, Dhurwa, Ranchi, Jharkhand 834004
  2. Contact Number: +91 0651-2446066
  3. Email: [email protected]

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FAQs JharBhoomi Portal

How to use the JharBhoomi Portal?

To use the portal, log on to https://JharBhoomi.jharkhand.gov.in/ and select the service you want to avail of.

What is the eligibility for Jharkhand Land Records?

A seller with authentic land details who wants to sell their land is eligible for land records Jharkhand.

How can I pay Lagaan using the JharBhoomi Portal?

Visit the JharBhoomi portal and select 'Online Lagan' on the home page to pay Lagaan.

How to file a complaint on the JharBhoomi website?

Visit your nearest revenue office or use the online grievance portal on the JharBhoomi website to file a complaint.

How to get land records corrected on JharBhoomi?

The Circle Office can correct errors in the land records after matching the government records.

How to check the village map on the JharBhoomi portal?

Visit the portal and look for a section related to 'Naksha' or 'Land Maps to check your village map.

What is the JharBhoomi Khewat Number?

JharBhoomi Khewat number is the Khata Number used in the state.

What is Khatian?

Khatian means ‘record of rights’, including the Khatian Number, plot number, bata plot number, area, name, mauja, possessors, their shares, rights description, superior interests, etc.

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