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Features and Benefits of Kotak Corporate Credit Card

Enjoy the advantage of a Corporate Credit Card from Kotak!

Improved spending control and visibility

It is now possible for companies to monitor the spending patterns of their employees. Due to the transparency offered, fraudulent expenses are less likely to happen. Additionally, it provides an opportunity to save more. You can implement and revise expense control levels for employees.

Management of expenses

Corporate credit cards make expense reporting and management more straightforward. By reviewing and planning their expenses using various reports, management can review and plan their future expenditures.

Furthermore, the company will be able to budget well and reduce its costs.

Incentives and rewards

As a result of using the corporate credit card, the company receives benefits such as access to the airport lounges, complimentary meals, and dining discounts. It also provides the incentive of being accepted universally by over a million merchants.

Interest-free period

The cardholder gets an interest-free credit period of up to 48 days with Kotak’s corporate credit card. This feature works like an overdraft facility on credit cards.

Hassle-free expense

Employees have easier access to funds for business expenditures. They no longer need to worry about late payment fees on their dues. They can simply use the corporate credit card to incur their business costs, and their companies will handle the rest.

Waiver of fuel surcharge

With Kotak's Corporate Credit Card, you can now waive your surcharges on railway and fuel subject to the limits specified.

Privileges on Kotak Corporate Credit Card

Live like a king and bank like one too!

With Kotak’s Corporate Credit Card, get the following perks:

Introductory benefits

Earn bonus points upon payment of joining fees. Within 20 days of joining, you will receive the reward points in your account. With these credits, you can choose the reward of your choice.

Surcharge waiver

With Kotak's business credit card, you can now waive your surcharges on railway and fuel subject to the limits specified.

Higher rewards and cashbacks

With every rupee you spend, you earn reward points and cash rebates that you can redeem towards air miles, lounge access, and more.

Set your limits

The company can set limits for credit made available to employees. It is also possible to define dynamic limits based on hierarchy, designation, or the employee's desire.

Eligibility and Documents Required for Kotak Corporate Credit Card

The applicant looking for a credit card online should fulfill the below-mentioned criteria:

  • The company should be in existence for at least X years.
  • The company should have a turnover of at least X in the last X years.

Documents required for application

  • Proof of address: Employee’s Passport, driver's license, voter ID, job card, etc.
  • Proof of identity: Employee’s bank statement, a driving license, a ration card, a utility bill, etc.
  • Profit and loss A/c with audited financial statements.
  • Business registration certificate.
  • Latest income tax returns.
  • Passport size photo.

How to Apply for Kotak Corporate Credit Card?

You can apply for Kotak’s Business Credit Card in just a few simple steps:

  • Navigate to the credit card services section and click Apply.
  • For existing customers, add your customer reference number, mobile number, or email address. Select the credit card you are looking for.
  • For new customers, select the purpose for the credit card and your monthly income.
  • Post which, you can select from the range of options available.
  • Once selected, you can input your basic personal information and attach necessary documents, et voila, you're done.


Why should you choose Kotak Corporate Credit Card?

Kotak understands the needs of its customers. Therefore, we provide a variety of credit cards to meet all your needs.

Here’s why you should choose Kotak Corporate Credit Card:

  • Higher Cashbacks and rewards.
  • Complimentary lounge access at airports.
  • Attain cost-efficiency with expense management tools.
  • Funds are easily accessible for employees to meet business expenditures.

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