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Can I get any benefit if I am an existing Kotak Bank current account or savings account customer?

Yes. We offer preferential interest rate, faster processing & doorstep service to existing bank customers while taking our business loan.

What is the minimum turnover requirement for a Business Loan?

For availing Kotak’s business loan, the minimum turnover required is Rs.40 Lakhs.

Which entities can avail a business loan?

Our business loan is for Manufactures, Traders, Self-employed professionals, Restaurants, Hospitals, etc.

Is part payment allowed in a business loan?

No, part payment is not allowed for business loans.

What is the minimum and maximum loan limit offered for a business loan?

Kotak Business Loans range from Rs.3 lakhs to Rs.1 crore. We also offer loans against credit card receivables (FCCR) with a maximum loan amount of Rs.3 crore. 

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