IGRS UP 2024: Online Stamp Duty, Property Registration, and IGRSUP Guide for Uttar Pradesh
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What is IGRS Uttar Pradesh?

IGRS Uttar Pradesh is an Integrated Grievance Redressal System for Uttar Pradesh aimed at improving governance using the latest technology. Since it involves all stakeholders, citizens can conveniently file a grievance, receive a response, and track the lodged grievance on all significant platforms. Apart from lodging complaints, the platform allows interaction with the government, offices, and departments. Simply put, it is a single platform that all departments use to improve monitoring, access, and redress.

The Inspector-General of Registration and Stamps (IGRS) is responsible for tax implications on property transactions, generating revenue for the state’s growth. All the activities that the Stamp and Registration Department of UP carry out are done through the IGRSUP. This guide will focus on the website, its services, and how to utilise it for the intended purpose.

Calculate Uttar Pradesh Stamp Duty Charges

IGRSUP make stamp duty calculation easier and quicker for property-related transactions. The platform has a Stamp Duty Calculator that users can use to determine the applicable stamp duty charges based on factors like property location, type, and transaction value. Visit the online IGRS UP portal, open the stamp duty calculating tool, and enter the property details to calculate the stamp duty charges in seconds.

Document Required for Property Registration in UP

Prepare these documents to apply for property registration using the UP IGRS portal:

How to Use IGRSUP Online Search Option?

The portal has an IGRSUP property search feature that helps retrieve specific property-related documents and details. Follow these steps to use the IGRSUP search option:

  • Visit the official Uttar Pradesh IGR portal at http://igrsup.gov.in/.
  • Click the "Online Search" option.
  • Select your search criteria using property, village, documents, or map.
  • Enter the relevant details for your selected search criteria.
  • Click “Search”.
  • Review and download the results.

Various Services Available on IGRS UP

Various services available on IGRS Uttar Pradesh include the following:

  • Knowing your SRO
  • Property registration
  • Obtaining certified copies
  • Searching for property encumbrance or market value
  • Society registration
  • E-stamping
  • UP sale deed, dastavej, bainama
  • Prohibited property service
  • Data on chit funds
  • Marriage registration
  • Information on stamp vendors or franking

Online Property Registration on IGRS UP

Follow these steps for property registration on IGRSUP:

  • Visit the official website at igrsup.gov.in

    Online Property Registration on IGRS UP

  • Click ‘Apply Here’ to enter the Property Registration Application Portal.

  • New users must click 'New Applicant', and existing users must log in using their ID and password.
  • Choose the tehsil and district.
  • Fill out an online application form.
  • Choose the document type for verification and registration.

    Step: 1

    Step: 2

  • Enter the presenter’s name and mobile number.
  • Enter the property details to calculate the registration and stamp duty charges.
  • Enter the valuation and choose the property type.
  • Upload the necessary documents.
  • Proceed to the payment gateway to complete the payment.
  • Print the document and visit the nearest SRO.
  • The executives will evaluate the application and update the online report.

IGRSUP: How to Apply for Stamp Duty Withdrawal?

Property buyers can get a stamp duty refund of up to 98% if the sale deed is not executed. The IGRS UP website allows property buyers to apply for a stamp duty withdrawal. Users must log in to their account on the portal and upload their original sale and cancellation deeds for consideration. Once approved, they can receive the stamp duty withdrawal in their bank account.

How to Apply for an Encumbrance Certificate on IGRSUP?

Follow these steps to apply for an encumbrance certificate at the Uttar Pradesh IGR portal:

  • Log on to the official IGRSUP
  • Find the option of ‘Encumbrance Certificate’.
  • Click ‘Apply’ to make the application.
  • Fill out the application form.
  • Enter the application number.
  • Click ‘Submit’.

Other Services on IGRSUP

Other services available on the UP IGRS portal include the following:

  • E-Stamp Verification: Use this service to verify the e-stamps.
  • Bhu Naksha UP: Fetch details of the property or land located in the state’s rural areas using this service.
  • E-Nagar Sewa: Fetch details of the property or land located in the state’s urban areas using this service.
  • List of Authorised ACC Centres: Get details about the authorised stamp vendors in UP utilising this facility.
  • Jansunwai: Using this dedicated platform, citizens can register their complaints related to land scams.

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1. Can you pay stamp duty and registration charges through a cheque in UP?

You can pay your stamp duty and registration charges through several modes in UP, including debit card, credit card, net banking, demand draft, etc. However, the platform does not accept payments through cheques.

2. From where can I get e-stamps in UP?

You can get an e-stamp in UP at a CRA counter in the Registration office, a CRA branch office, or an authorised collection centre of the SHCIL.

3. What is IGRSUP?

IGRSUP is the Integrated Grievance Redressal System of Uttar Pradesh, an official web portal by the UP Stamp and Registration Department. It is the government department’s information portal for property and land transactions in the state.

4. How do I get EC?

Visit the official IGRSUP website, find the ‘Encumbrance Certificate’ option, click ‘Apply’, fill out the application form with the number, and click ‘Submit’.

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