Buying a home is one of the most important milestones. A substantial planning and research is essential before one ventures into buying a home. This is where home loan plays an integral role. When one opts to buy a home, it is bound to exhaust a substantial amount of one’s savings. During the loan tenure, there might be circumstances wherein you might need a considerable amount of money for unforeseen expenses. So one of the easy ways to deal with such circumstances is to make a smart financial move by availing a Top-up loan.

Top-up loans are essential when it comes to fulfilling any of your needs. Expenses such as wedding expenditure, school or college fees, dream vacations, home renovation projects might require financial assistance. With regards to home loan, a top-up Loan is a financial assistance provided by banks or housing finance companies above your existing home loan. The purpose of a top-up loan is to assist you in fulfilling your financial requirements like, Renovating / refurbishing your house, upgrading your house and other purposes.

It is important to understand that top-up loans are different from your personal loans. If you already have a home loan and you have been making regular repayments, then you can apply for a top-up loan.

Eligibility criteria:

To avail a top-up home loan, you need to:

  • Have a home loan with the financer
  • Have a regular and satisfactory repayment record for at least 1 year

The advantages of top-up loans are:

  • Interest rate: Top-up loans are a more convenient option as they are available at lower home loan interest rates compared to personal loans.
  • Tenure: These home loans are available for a longer tenure than a personal loan, gold loan or car loan.
  • Availability: These loans are easily available and are granted hassle-free if you are already a home loan customer of the bank and have been paying your EMIs regularly for the past 12 months or more.
  • Tax benefits: You can get tax benefit on the top-up loan if it is used for either home renovation, construction or extension.

Today banks endeavor to create delightful experience by providing top-up solutions for you in the most hassle-free manner through quick approvals and disbursal. Today’s banks and financial institutions understand your needs and strive to deliver customised pragmatic solutions across multiple platforms.

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