11 OCTOBER, 2019

Paying off your Home Loan brings you relief and happiness. You feel relieved as you don't have to pay the home loan EMIs anymore and happy because now your home belongs entirely to you. You truly deserve this moment of joy. However, you also need to take care of a couple of things to close your Home Loan properly.

There are certain formalities you need to complete. If you fail to do so, it may lead to certain problems in the future. Here are the important points to remember before closing your home loan:

Recovering Original Documents

This is one of the most important things to do while closing a Home Loan. All original documents handed over at the time of opting for home loan should be collected from the lending institution without any fail.Make sure that every document is in good condition and not damaged or lost. Not recovering these documents may cause problems in the future when you go to sell your property or want to take a loan against it.

You also need to get a new Encumbrance Certificate (EC) stating all financial transactions done on your home are settled. This certificate is proof that your house is not bound to any legal or monetary liability. The EC will enable you to sell your property in the future.

Getting a No Objection Certificate (NOC)

Also known as a certificate of home loan closure, every lending organisation issues NOC when you close your home loan . NOC confirms that your home loan is entirely repaid with no outstanding balance in your name. While getting NOC from the lender, you need to ensure that all details like your name, account number, details of the property, etc. are correct. NOC must state that the lending institution does not have any rights over your property and solely belongs to you now.

Ensuring that the Lender has Updated Credit Bureau's Database

Generally, lending organisations are active about notifying the credit bureaus when you avail of a home loan. However, there could be instances where the information of you closing the loan does not reach the credit bureau promptly. This information is crucial for your credit report and credit score.

Removing Lien on the Property

When your lender grants you a loan, they put a lien against your home. A lien is a legal claim that gives all the property rights to the lender. The lien on your property prevents you from selling it in the future. Hence, when you close your home loan, request the lender to remove the lien on your property, which is generally done by the lender automatically.

Paying attention to the above points while closing your home loan not only smoothens the process but helps you to avoid problems in the future.

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