We have always looked forward to evolve and explore progressive options. Be it career, job, vehicle or home, we are naturally inclined to better our prospects as per the recent industry trends. It is natural to be on the lookout for loan options for your already availed home loan. Getting a better term for your home loan over the existing loan tenure is possible, thanks to the option of home loan refinance.

The need to refinance for a home is important for you. Refinancing is beneficial for you due to its plethora of features chiefly; better interest rates and more convenient terms of repayment.

Banks today understand that you deserve the very best for your aspirations, which also includes  your home. That is why they offer a plethora of features for you. They make your transfer of existing home loan as seamless as possible and that too at a lower interest rate.

The following are the aspects considered for availing home loan refinance:

  • Lower interest rate
  • Option to change the home loan tenure
  • Reduction in EMI amount
  • Feasibility to switch from fixed rate to floating rate

How to avail home loan refinance?

Step 1: Approach the bank or lending institution

To transfer the home loan, you need to approach your current lender for the following documents:

  • No objection letter along with a foreclosure letter
  • Home loan repayment history
  • List of your home loan related documents in the bank’s custody

Step 2: Apply to a new lender

Fill up a home loan application form and submit along with:

  • Proof of identity, address, age and photo for KYC
  • Proof of income
  • Documents issued by the previous lender & other required documents basis your profile.

The new lender will review your application and process the loan.

Home Loan refinancing incorporates additional charges like home loan processing fee, which must be taken into consideration while evaluating the benefits of the transfer. Once the documents are approved by the new institution, a cheque for the outstanding amount addressed to the new lender is issued in order to foreclose the loan.

Always remember that refinancing your home loan comes at a charge (one time), which differs from bank to bank. Make sure that the profit you make by opting for refinancing is higher compared to the charges you pay. 

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