Bihar Bhumi: Check Bihar's Land Records Online, MVR, Registration Process & Encumbrance Certificates
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 What is Bihar Bhumi - Bihar Land Records?

Bihar Bhumi is an online database where people can view, preserve, and monitor their land records in the state. The Department of Revenue and Land Reforms launched and operates the database under the central government’s National Land Record Modernisation Programme (NLRMP). Anyone can search online land records in Bihar using the party name or serial number.

Read on to learn how the portal works and how to access land records in Bihar online.

Purpose of Bihar Bhumi

The primary purpose of Bihar Bhumi's land record is to enable transparency and efficiency in Bihar's land record system. The Department of Revenue and Land Reforms maintains this portal to create a web-based land records database. The platform contains all details regarding land parcels in the state, including their land type, encumbrances, owners, etc. Users can search the records through the portal using their owner’s name or Khasra number.

List of Services Available on the Bihar Bhumi Portal

The states’ residents can access a wide range of services through the Bihar Bhumi portal, including property details, Jamabandi reports, map-based interfaces, online land records, mutation status tracking, land visualisation, etc. The following are the services offered at the portal:

  • Search land records by serial number or party name
  • View land transactions, Land MVR, Flat MVR, web copy, registered documents, or advanced search
  • Bihar land registration
  • Apply for land mutation online and check the mutation status
  • Apply for a land possession certificate and check its status
  • Pay land rent or lagaan
  • View land rights document

Land Records Bihar: Benefits of Bhulekh Bihar

Online access to land records in Bihar makes it easier for state landowners to access their property and plot details quickly and easily. Similarly, it helps authorities to manage the state’s land records more efficiently without tedious manual procedures. Most importantly, it has a user-friendly interface that provides access to online land records easily and quickly. Following simple steps, anyone can complete their application or track their status without visiting a Bihar land record office. Moreover, it makes land tax payments easy, quick, and hassle-free.

What is Minimum Value Registered (MVR)?

The state of Bihar maintains a registry of each property's minimum worth based on its location. MVR stands for Minimum Value Registered, which determines a plot's cost based on its location in Bihar. Typically, it refers to the minimum area or size of land available for Bihar land registration with the relevant authority. Since local land registration regulations set the MVR, it varies from one jurisdiction to the other. It is an intelligent way to establish ownership and facilitate transactions with clearly defined plots.

How to Check Land Value at Bihar Bhumi using the Minimum Value Register (MVR)?

Let’s look at the steps to check land value at Bihar Bhumi using MVR.

  1. Visit the official Bhulekh Bihar portal.

    Visit the official Bhulekh Bihar portal.

  2. Click ‘Minimum Value Register’ or ‘MVR’.

  3. Select the district of land.
  4. Choose the location or area in the district using the map or dropdown menu.
  5. Specify the land type from agricultural, residential, or commercial land.
  6. The MVR system will display the value based on the current government rates.

How to View Encumbrance Certificate Bihar on the Bhumi Jankari Portal?

Below are the steps to view EC Bihar in the Bhumi Jankari Portal.

  1. Visit the Bhulekh Bihar portal.

    view EC Bihar in Bhumi Jankari Portal

  2. Click ‘Encumbrance Certificate’ or ‘EC’ under ‘Online Services’.
  3. First-time users must register, while existing users can log in using their registered email address, mobile number, and password.
  4. Enter property details, including district, village, tehsil, survey number, etc.
  5. The system will automatically display the EC on the screen.

How to Check Property Documents by Deed Number on Bihar Bhumi?

  1. Visit the Bhulekh Bihar portal. ( )

    online Bhulekh Bihar portal

  2. Navigate to Bhumi Jankari and search by the deed page.

    Navigate to Bhumi Jankari ( online Bhulekh Bihar portal)

  3. Choose a timeline between post-computerisation and post-computerisation.
  4. Enter details like deed number, registration office, timeline, etc.
  5. Click submit to check the property documents.

How to Check Khasra-Khatauni in Bihar Land Record Online?

  1. Visit the Bhulekh Bihar portal.
  2. Click “Bhu Naksha” or “Khasra-Khatauni” under “Online Services”.

  3. Select the district, tehsil, and village of land location.
  4. Choose to search for the Khasra-Khatauni using the Khasra number, Khata number, or owner's name. (Bhulekh Bihar portal)

    Choose to search for the Khasra-Khatauni Number - (Bhulekh Bihar portal)

  5. Click “Search” or “Submit”.
  6. The system will automatically display the Khasra-Khatauni records on the screen.

How to Apply for Daakhil Kharij in Bihar Bhumi Portal?

  1. Visit the Bhulekh Bihar portal.

    Bhulekh Bihar portal Online

  2. Click “Online Application for Dakhil Kharij”.
  3. New users must register, and existing users must log in using their username and password.

    Online Application for Dakhil Kharij - Bhulekh Bihar portal

  4. Enter basic details like name, email address, mobile number, town/city/village, PIN code, district, and state.
  5. Click on “Register Now”.

How Do I Check Naksha/Land Map on the Bihar Bhumi Portal?

  1. Visit the Bhulekh Bihar portal.

    Check Bhulekh Bihar portal- Land Map

  2. Select “Land Map”.
  3. Enter login credentials.
  4. Click on “View Your Account”.

    View Your Account land map ( Bhulekh Bihar portal)

  5. Choose your district, village and circle name from the dropdown menu.
  6. The land map will instantly appear on the screen.

How to Access Jamabandi Register in Bhulekh Bihar?

  1. Visit the Bhulekh Bihar portal.

    Jamabandi Register in Bhulekh Bihar Portal

  2. Select the plot’s district, tehsil, block, and village.
  3. Click ‘Jamabandi’ or ‘Record of Rights’.

  4. Enter relevant details to search for the Bihar Bhumi land record.
  5. View the records, download or print them for reference.

Bihar Revenue and Land Department Helpline

For further information, contact the Bihar Bhumi helpline at the following:

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the official website of Land Records Bihar?

The Bihar Bhumi Portal is available at

How to use the Bihar Bhumi Portal?

Visit the website, log in using the username and password, and select the desired service to avail it.

How to pay tax online on the Bihar Bhumi Portal?

Visit the Bihar Bhumi Portal, log in, select ‘Online Payment’, enter land details, calculate tax, select the payment method, and make the payment.

How can I pay Lagaan using the Bihar Bhumi Portal?

Visit the website, select ‘Pay online lagaan’, enter the land details, select a payment option, and make the payment.

How to get old land records corrected on the Bihar Bhumi Portal?

Visit the website, click 'Post Your Application, enter the required details, and submit a correction request.

How can I find Khatian in Bihar?

Visit the website, click the account number, and enter the required details to view the Khatian.

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