Vastu Shastra Home Color Tips: Choose Harmonious Colors
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The significance of Vastu Shastra principles in interior design cannot be overstated, as it designs a living space in harmony with nature and leads to a healthier, more peaceful, and prosperous life for family members. Are you planning for a home renovation and want to choose the best combination for rooms? Here is a complete guide on the choice of colors as per Vastu.

Understanding Vastu and Colour Energy

What Is Vastu Shastra?

The term Vastu Shastra translates into “the science of architecture”. It is an ancient Indian system of designing and building.

The Psychological and Emotional Impact of Colours

Vastu Shastra uses several items, images, and house colours to activate and improve the space’s energy and treat defects in the combination. The right home color ideas pacify minds and stimulate energy, significantly affecting each family member’s mood, happiness, and health.

How Colours Can Enhance or Disrupt Energy Flow

According to Vastu Shastra, the unique wavelength of each colour deeply influences your emotions, mindset, and thoughts. So, only the correct shade brings positive energy into the house, while the wrong house paint colors can demotivate.

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How to Choose the Right Vastu Colours?

Overview of Vastu Colour Guidelines

According to Vastu Colour guidelines, house colours affect your mood, feelings, physical energy, and overall personality. Each colour in the VIBGYOR radiates a different wavelength and vibration. While some colours vibrate slowly, others are excessively fast. So, Vastu Shastra colour tips bring a balance between the two to bring changes in the environment.

Colour Associations and Meanings in Vastu

Each colour symbolises a certain aspect. Knowing the significance of each colour brings positivity to emotions and behaviour. For instance, white signifies elegance and purity, and pink represents joy, happiness, and purity. Green represents nature, while blue stands for new beginnings and growth. Using the right home colour combination is essential to balance and bring positive energies into the house.

Finding the Right Colours for Different Rooms

  1. Living Room: Orange, blue, and white
  2. Bedroom: Pink, light purple, brown, and yellow
  3. Kitchen: Orange, green, and lemon yellow
  4. Bathroom: White, grey, pink, and light blue
  5. Home Office: Light yellow, pale gold, cream, and light green

Balancing Contrasting Colours

According to Vastu Shastra tips for home colour, there is no best colour for a house. Different parts of the house must use different colour combinations to bring diverse energies and create a harmonious space. For instance, a home colour combination of orange and blue or red and green can create a balanced colour scheme.

Know Popular Vastu Colours and Their Effects

Earthy Tones: Stability and Grounding

Earth tones like brown, beige and green are the best home colour ideas for places you desire grounding and stability, such as your bedroom or living room. Combine it with natural materials like stone or wood for a better effect.

Cool Blues and Greens: Calmness and Tranquillity

Shades of aqua, sea green, and blue are the best Vastu Shastra colour combinations for areas where you want to promote relaxation and calmness, such as bathrooms and bedrooms.

Warm Reds and Oranges: Energy and Passion

Vibrant colours like reds and oranges are best for areas where igniting enthusiasm and energy is necessary. That is why it is the best hall colour combination for the living room. Since these colours also balance the fire element, use them in the kitchen to avoid excessive restlessness or heat.

Neutral Colours: Versatility and Balance

Use light neutral shades like cream and white in areas where spaciousness and openness are designed, such as meditation rooms and entrance halls. According to Vastu, these are also the best wall colours to bring balance and versatility into the space.

Tips for Implementing Vastu Colours

A. Colour Selection Considerations

When selecting the best house paint colours, choose a colour theme and stick to it to create harmony and maintain consistency. Consider the type of energy you wish to cultivate in your house and select the best colour for house to align with it.

B. Colour Combinations and Palettes

Use complementary colours that are opposite to each other on the colour palette. Combining complementary colours, like red and green or orange and blue, creates a balanced and dynamic visual impact. Use neutral colours like beige, white, and grey as a base of the palette and give a balanced backdrop that stands out.

C. Dos and Don'ts in Vastu Colour Application

Choosing a colour scheme and combining it with contrasting colours is one of the best tips for home colour. However, avoid dark colours like red, black and deep yellow, representing evil planets that may disrupt our house's energy fields.

D. Adapting Vastu Colours to Modern Interiors

Although Vastu is an ancient science, you can use the right colour combinations in modern interiors. Use the colour palette and choose room and wall colours according to Vastu for perfect balance.

Home Renovation As Per Vastu: Enhancing Your Space

When considering your home renovation, you must consider the expenses you can easily fund with a home renovation loan. It is an unsecured Personal Loan that lets you implement the changes without breaking your budget. When buying a new house, you may also borrow housing finance at a reasonable Home Loan interest rate.

How Home Loan Renovation Can Help Implement Vastu Principles

Choosing colours as per Vastu and implementing the right house paint colours need the help of a Vastu expert. Other expenses include materials, shipping, labour, etc. A home renovation loan can cover all these expenses and let you divide the cost into EMIs at competitive interest rates. Budgeting for

Vastu-Compliant Renovations

Even if you plan to borrow a home renovation loan, budgeting is an important aspect that lets you complete the project without overburdening your finances. For instance, seek the help of a Vastu expert, get an estimate of the costs involved, and use the right hall colour combination for the living room. Vastu Shastra colour implementation is not necessarily expensive. You must choose the right house colours to achieve the desired effect.

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FAQs About Home Colour for Vastu

1. Which colour is lucky for Home?

Green symbolises growth, prosperity and wealth. Use it at different places in the house to bring luck and fortune to the family.

2. Which colour is perfect for the home, as per Vastu Shastra?

A home colour combination of white, blue, yellow, calming green, etc., are the perfect house colours, as per Vastu.

3. Which Vastu direction is suitable for your home?

Northeast is the best house-facing direction, as per Vastu, as it is linked with the God of Wealth and prosperity.

4. Which colour is considered to bring positive energy?

Yellow is the colour of the sun, happiness, and inspiration that brings positive energies into the house.

5. Which colours work best for home offices per Vastu?

Light yellow, light gold, light green, and cream are the best home office colours as per Vastu. They create a balanced work environment in the home, increase engagement, and enhance respect for the work.

6. What is the Role of a Home Colours Play in Vastu?

Home colours play an important role in Vastu, as the best combination for a room balances the environment and brings harmony into the space.

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