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Stay Alert! Beware of fraudsters who claim to be from Kotak Bank, do not share any confidential account information such as PIN, CVV, Debit card / Credit card number, OTP, VBV password, Mobile Banking PIN or UPI PIN with anybody.

Also, do not save this information on any website when prompted & do not authorise any Mobile Banking/ Net Banking or UPI transaction over a phone call. Your bank will never ask for such sensitive information.

Call 1800 209 0000 and say fraud.








Stay safe & cautious from banking frauds

Be extra vigilant- stop and think before you react to any requests received from the fraudulent masterminds

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What is information you should provide to your BANK while reporting a fraud?

  • Always provide your CRN / Account number correctly
  • Mention the date and count for total number of transactions that are not authorized by you & also the amount of each transaction
  • Tell us how you came to know about this transaction which was done in your account via SMS / Email you may have received
  • If possible, understand the type of transaction that is not authorized by you i.e. if it is an ATM withdrawal, It is an POS transaction or an ECOM transaction & mention this information while reporting it to the bank
  • Do you suspect your information was leaked through any medium? Tell us
Type of Fraud Information Checklist
Vishing Call Recollect and mention if you had received any call asking for you Debit Card / Credit Card number, CVV, OTP, PIN, password, MPIN UPI PIN, VPA in any form? Provide the number from where you had received this call and specify if you had shared the details with the caller
Phishing If you have responded to any emails claiming to be from RBI/ Reputed Institution(s) and shared your bank account confidential details like card number, PIN, CVV, Expiry date etc., mention the email details
Skimming Have you used your card at a public place like petrol pump or hotel before the fraud transaction took place? Tell us the location or site
Skimming Did you use your card at an ATM (not your regular ATM) before the fraud transaction took place? Tell us the location
Data Leak Have you saved your card details on any website during online shopping, if so please specify the site name
Smishing Have you clicked any malware / Trojan link received by you through an SMS to download a form or provide any information


  • Respond to all the questions the bank may have while reporting a fraud —help the bank resolve your case quickly
  • Explain the details of any suspicion you have with respect to the fraudulent transaction that has taken place in your account

    What is Customer Compensation Policy?

    In compliance with the RBI or Reserve Bank of India’s guidelines on ‘Customer Protection – Limiting Liability of Customers’ — if you report any unauthorized transaction (debits), the bank shall provide you with a shadow credit for the amount within 10 days from the date of informing the bank.

    What is limited liability of the customer?

    We at Kotak Mahindra Bank are committed to safeguarding your interests. Our Customer Compensation Policy covers for financial losses that you might incur due to a directly measurable deficiency in services. The policy covers many areas including unauthorised transactions in a bank account through the electronic channel.  Click here to read more on the Limited Liability Policy

    We request you to read our extant policy on Customer Compensation by simply following the below steps:

    • Step 1 - Visit www.kotak.com
    • Step 2 - Click 'Customer Service'
    • Step 3 -  Click on tab 'Important Information'
    • Step 4 -  Click on 'Banking Policies'
    • Step 5 -  Click on tab 'Compensation Policy'



    How will you receive a resolution for your complaint?

    Step 1

    Once you report a fraud to your Bank, the Risk team of the bank will revert to you to seek certain information
    for investigating the case. Request you to cooperate and receive calls to help us serve you better.

    Step 2

    For any fraud reported, the Bank will provide you with shadow credit (credit against lien) for the disputed
    amount in your bank account within 10 days from the date of reporting the frauds as mentioned in the customer compensation policy.

    Step 3

    Once the complete investigation is done, the bank shall provide clear credit for the disputed amount in your bank account within 90 days from the date of reporting the fraud as defined in the customer compensation policy.