23 SEPTEMBER, 2019

One busy morning, when you are in a hurry to reach work, you feel frustrated as you cannot find your keys or wallet. Then, it hits you that your house has become cluttered, and you need to reorganise it. Well, this is the story of every household. Tight working schedules have made it difficult to maintain tidiness in houses these days. However, when there is a problem, there is a solution!

The simple solution to this problem is decorating or rearranging your house with minimalist style. Minimalism is a smart home décor approach that involves wise use of space without making it cluttered. It does not mean merely throwing things you don’t require, but it includes just the right usage of space. Just like every other home décor style, minimalism also involves using a different object to beautify your house.
Let’s check out some of the contemporary minimalists trends for home décor:

Smooth Surfaces

Minimalism relies on incorporating clean lines and flat surfaces to decorate your home. That’s why a minimalist home is full of neat and defined lines along with curves and smooth surfaces. Minimalist home décor is especially useful for the kitchen, which is usually quite cluttered for many. The smooth texture makes the kitchen look stunning.

Playing with the Textures

Textures spice up plain walls of living rooms or bedrooms. Using textured wallpapers on spaces like headboards or one section of walls blends with the smooth walls and creates refreshing effects. The most favoured textures include wooden, orange peel, rosebuds, etc.

Let there be Light!

Minimalism lets you utilise the natural light. The bigger windows are becoming one of the most favourite element in minimalist home décor style. You can use curtains made of thin material or blinds, which will help you maintain your privacy while using natural light.

Playing with Colours

When using minimalism for home improvement, you can rely on pure colours like eggshell, snow-white or soothing-cream. These natural colours make the space appear clean and relaxing. The neutral platforms make it convenient to design the rest of the room. Minimalism also involves using vibrant colours in small areas to create beautiful contrasting effects.

Smart Storage

A house is not just living space, but a storage place too. From food to stationery, every day you require so many tiny-big things that need to be stored in your house. Minimalistic home décor understands these needs and involves using large and sleek storage cabinets with many sections. The sections help you to be organised and so, cabinets avoid your place from being cluttered.

While it might be expensive, modern furniture is useful to maintain the condition of your house. Wouldn’t it be wise to incorporate minimalism in house rather than spending money and time on cleaning or maintaining the house, again and again? If you are thinking about funds to manage these home improvement projects, then you can consider the option of home loan. These days, many financial institutions provide home improvement loans to renovate houses. So, your dream to revamp your home can easily come true.

Your home is your own place, and you can decorate it with every element you love. Minimalism is not limited to one particular style, it simply means making your house clutter-free and decorating it with the things you love. So, either a poster of your all-time favourite movie or some antiques, you can style your minimalist home in your own flavours.

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