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23 SEPTEMBER, 2019

Purchasing a new property is like the first lap of the journey to make it your home. Whether using your savings or taking a home loan, one thing is sure that you use a significant amount of economic resources to buy a house. But a space truly starts becoming your home, when you decorate it the way you love. Mid-century, modern or Bohemian, there are so many ways to decorate the house. But if you are one of those people who admire the rich Indian culture and want to blend it in your home, then you are at the right place. This article will tell you about fantastic Indian traditional designs that you can mingle with the modern aesthetics of your house.

Fabrics to Create Magic

Fabrics and their textures bring charm to your house. They are like a dash of India that you could fit in any space of your home as aesthetics. Indigenous textiles and crafts made from them give your house its unique identity. You can choose from a range of fabrics like the rugged-looking Khadi or the gorgeous Tasar silk. The upholstery made from them gives your house an authentic look. Lastly, cotton draperies with eternal patterns like paisley or chakra bring up the curtains and bed-linens. These fabrics give your house raw-rustic touch by beautifully blending into the interiors.

Turning Interior Spaces into Traditional Courtyards

Be it Nalukettu from Kerala, Wadas from Maharashtra or Pol houses of Gujarat, you can find this traditional element in various old- fashioned Indian houses. Courtyards give you a place at home where you can enjoy all the seasons. When you have them in the house, you can enjoy the evening breeze in summers, bask in the winter sun or have steaming hot tea in the rain. They are the places where you can have intimate family gatherings.

Adding the Historical Element 

You can tweak our rich history by pictures to create a spectacular effect that can complement modern aesthetics. Paintings of Mahabharata or ancient Indian Empires are often used by many home-owners to add a beauty in their houses.

Wooden Furniture

The intricate designs of wooden furniture are like the gist of Indian style. As wooden furniture carved with intricate designs and marble were mainly used in palaces, they have always been considered as a sign of prosperity in India. Using these in the house will give it a ‘royal-touch’.  

Jharokha Balconies

Jharokha means skylight. These are like small overhanging balconies fenced by elegantly carved canopies of wood or stone. Nowadays, you can get a modern version of Jharokhas made from materials like wood, concrete or marble. This type of designs requires structural changes in the house, which might be heavy on your funds. But if you feel like having them, do not compromise just due to shortage of funds. You can take a home improvement loan to get the beautiful Jharokha of your choice.

Delicate Jaalis

When you use these gorgeously carved out patterns for windows and walls, the results will simply stun you. The intricate designs of Jaalis are like a treat to eyes, and the dance of shadows when light passes through them will amaze you. You can use them for courtyards, balconies or even for simply partitioning two rooms.

Beautiful Sculptures

The sculptures are another swift way to blend Indian culture into the modern aesthetics of your house. The idols of mythological deities or symbols like Swastika or Ashok Chakra, sculptures bring an immediate Indian context to the interior as well as the exterior of your house.

Old-Fashioned Swings

Typically called Jhoolas, they are one of the most common household objects in old times. They are a slab of wood suspended by ropes. Nowadays, Jhoolas are available in various designs that can go with the modern aesthetics of your house. Fit them in your living room or balcony, they will add up an old-world charm in your home.
There are some of the most popular Indian design elements to decorate your house. Blending them in your home will add up to the charm of your house.

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