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SIP Calculator

A SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) calculator is an online tool offered by Kotak Bank that helps you to estimate mutual fund returns based on your investment amount and tenure.

Monthly investment

Minimum ₹1000

Time period

Till July 2024

Rate of return

Minimum 1%

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Calculation of Maturity amount
Years Opening Balance Amount Invested Growth In Capital Closing Balance % Achieved
Monthly obligation should not be greater than Monthly Net Income

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SIP Calculator – Systematic Investment Plan Calculator

A SIP calculator is an online tool designed to compute the returns on your mutual fund investment through a Systematic Investment Plan (SIP). Its purpose is to estimate the future value of your investment after a specified number of years, taking into account the anticipated rate of return. This online SIP calculator is invaluable. Especially in the context of SIPs, where monthly contributions vary in holding periods over time.


Operating as a crucial component within mutual fund investments. The SIP return calculator simplifies what can be a labour-intensive manual process. Given the distinct holding periods associated with each monthly contribution, manual computation becomes intricate. The SIP calculator for mutual funds, with its algorithmic precision, alleviates this complexity. Plus it offers a swift and accurate means to gauge potential returns on their mutual fund investments to the investors. In essence, it is an indispensable tool for investors seeking clarity in the financial journey.

How does the Kotak’s SIP Calculator work?

Understanding the workings of a mutual fund SIP calculator, whether for 40 years, less or more, involves grasping its basic concepts and input parameters. The essential elements include the monthly investment amount, expected annual returns, and the investment duration. The calculator employs a straightforward formula—

SIP Calculation Formula

M = P × ({[1 + i]^n – 1} / i) × (1 + i),

where M represents the maturity amount, P is the monthly investment, i denotes the monthly return rate, and n signifies the total number of monthly contributions.

Below it’s broken down with a practical example:

Input Parameters Values
Monthly Investment Amount (P) ₹ 5000
Expected Annual Returns (i) 8%
Investment Duration (n) 10 years
Total Amount Invested ₹ 600,000
Estimated returns ₹ 306,415
Resultant Invested ₹ 906,415


Using the SIP calculation formula, the mutual fund SIP calculator processes these inputs, providing a clear projection of the maturity amount. The step-by-step calculation involves incorporating the monthly interest rate and compounding factors. The benefits of utilising a SIP investment calculator become evident as investors gain a precise understanding of the potential returns, empowering them to make informed decisions aligned with their financial goals.

How to use the Kotak’s SIP Calculator?

  • Enter Monthly Investment Amount: Input the amount you plan to invest monthly in the SIP. This sets the foundation for your systematic investment plan.
  • Specify Time Period: Define the number of years you intend to stay invested. This parameter helps determine the duration over which your investments will grow.
  • Provide Expected Rate of Return: Choose the anticipated rate of return on your SIP investment. This crucial factor influences the overall growth of your investment.

Once the values are entered, the mutual fund SIP return calculator promptly generates an estimate of the amount you can expect at the end of your investment tenure.

Benefits of using a SIP calculator

Substantial advantages of incorporating a SIP calculator in India into your strategy:

  • Almost Accurate Projection: Obtain precise estimates of potential returns with tailored input.
  • Goal Planning: Strategically plan and align SIP investments with specific financial objectives.
  • Risk Mitigation: Gauge the impact of market fluctuations on your investment, aiding risk management.
  • Disciplined Investing: Foster a systematic and disciplined approach to wealth accumulation.
  • Comparative Analysis: Easily compare the outcomes of different SIP scenarios for optimized decisions.
  • Realistic Expectations: Set realistic expectations by understanding potential returns over varying timeframes.

How can a SIP Return Calculator Help You with Investment Decisions?

The MF SIP calculator serves a threefold purpose: first, assisting in the determination of the desired investment amount, and providing a clear roadmap for your financial commitment. Second, it offers transparency on the total invested amount, keeping you informed about the capital you've dedicated to your SIP.


Crucially, the SIP return calculator doesn't stop there—it extends its utility by providing an estimated value of your returns. This foresight allows you to gauge the potential growth of your investment over time, empowering you to make strategic decisions aligned with your financial objectives.

Frequently Asked Questions



What is the maximum tenure of a SIP?

At Kotak SIP calculator for mutual funds, the maximum tenure of a SIP investment is 20 years.

What is the average return on SIP?

Average SIP returns depend on the chosen mutual fund and market conditions. Utilise the monthly SIP calculator to estimate potential returns based on your investment plan.

Why use a SIP calculator?

By showing estimated SIP interest rate earned at SIP maturity, a SIP calculator helps determine the investment amount and duration to secure a financially solid future.

Can the SIP calculator account for changes in investment goals?

Your investment goals may change over time according to family needs and expenses. A step-up SIP calculator helps you calculate the returns if you increase your investments at regular intervals according to your investment goals.

How to calculate SIP returns?

To calculate the SIP returns, enter your investment amount, type in the expected return rate, and select the investment tenure to calculate the estimated returns and total investment value. 

What is SIP investment calculator?

A SIP investment calculator helps determine the monthly investment amount according to the desired maturity value.

How much to invest in SIP calculator?

How much you invest depends on your expected returns and investment value at maturity. It also depends on your affordability for monthly SIPs.

Can I use the SIP calculator for short-term goals?

For short-term goals, use a growing SIP calculator to identify the financial instruments and plan your investments accordingly.