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04 NOVEMBER, 2019

All your ideas and thoughts about your house are about to turn into reality only when you choose the right architect. You must have heard the stories of people about how a wrong architect has cost them a fortune with no good results.

Choosing the right architect is critical because buying the house itself is a bigger achievement. Whether you buy it by using your savings or with the help of a housing loan, your home has consumed a significant part of your income. Here are some tips for choosing the best architect for your house.

Using all the references

How many times we visit a friend’s or colleague’s house and get mesmerised by the interiors?

This happens with everyone, and you should recall such instances at the time of selecting the architect. You can call those people and ask for their architect’s reference. Their references can help you a lot to choose the right architect.

Examining the portfolio

Once, you shortlist at least 4-5 architects, the next thing you need to do is to ask them for their portfolios. Their previous work will give an exact idea about their designing styles and skill. Every architect prefers one particular style over the other, which reflects in their work. So, examining their portfolio will help you to understand this style and thus, choose the right architect.

Checking the qualification of the architect

You also need to check the qualification of the architect before making the decision. You need to confirm that the architect is registered with the Council of Architecture, India and has CoA Registration Number.

Compare prices

The next step you need to do is to ask for the quotes from the architects that you have chosen to do the interior of your house. Architects belonging to well-known firms may charge you significant amount as per their brand. Comparing the prices of different architects will give an idea about the type of financial aid you will need. If the prices are slightly high, but if you still like a particular architect, you can consider taking a home improvement loan to finance the architecture of your house.

Making direct contact

When you are discussing the interior of your house, you should directly speak to the architect. Avoid talking through the middleman, because it is the architect who will be transforming your ideas into reality. If you do not directly discuss with the architect, there is a huge chance of your ideas getting misinterpreted.

Discussing the project that went wrong  

Architects will praise about their successful projects, however discussing their failed project is also crucial for you as a customer. Every architect had some projects in their career, which are either unrealistic or not properly managed. Ask the architect that how they managed to save such projects from being a disaster. This will give you a clear idea about their problem-solving skills and efficiency.

Talking with experts of the field

Many professionals can help you to choose an architect that can be best for your house. People like building contractors or property dealers are such people that can guide you in selecting the right architect. Taking advice from an expert works excellent in big cities, where the availability of a large number of architects makes a choice difficult.

Discussing the project

This is the last thing you need to do before making a final decision. Discuss the time required to complete the project as well as maintainability of it. Maintaining the design & material is very crucial for its durability as well as the maintenance cost of the property.

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