Debit Card - #811 Dream Different Debit Card from Kotak Bank

811 #DreamDifferent Debit Card

Your digital 811 savings account comes with a token of celebrating your big dreams. The 811 #DreamDifferent Debit Card is designed especially for those who dare to dream big and have a strong will to succeed!

This Debit Card combines the benefits of a regular ATM card and a payment card along with features to 'tap & pay'. Get your card now for an annual fee of Rs.299 inclusive of tax.


Get your Debit Card in 4 easy steps

1) Log into Kotak – 811 & Mobile Banking App

2) Tap on ‘811’

3) Go to ‘Virtual Debit Card’ tab

4) Tap on ‘GET ONE NOW’




Kotak 811 Savings Account holders (Not available in Kotak 811 Lite Account)

Fees and Charges

Rs 299/- (Inclusive of tax, Issuance charges to be levied upfront before issuance).

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