09 DECEMBER, 2021

There are many processes and formalities that you need to know before buying or selling a property. Similarly, you must understand many jargons before you buy a property. If you live in Mumbai and own a property, you might have heard the term CTS number at least once in your lifetime. It is an identification number for real estate properties that is required to be quoted in many legal processes. But do you know what it means and what importance does it hold for Mumbai properties? Read on to find out.

What Is the CTS Number?

CTS is the abbreviation of City Title Survey Number. However, depending on where your property is located within Mumbai, it is known with different names. For instance, in the Mumbai division, the CTS number is known as Cadastral Survey Number, while it is known as Chain and Triangulation Survey number in the Mumbai suburban area.

CTS number is your property’s identification number. The Superintendent of Land Records in Mumbai assigns CTS number to land parcels located within Mumbai city limits. The property CTS number is required at the time of litigation. The property's CTS number contains much relevant information about the property.

Why Is the CTS Number Important?

Your property is identified by its CTS number in the official land records of Mumbai city. It is important because it saves the buyer from getting into fraudulent transactions. When you are buying a property in Mumbai, you must ask for the owner's verification and the property’s CTS number to ensure that you are doing a valid transaction. CTS number is helpful in the following ways:

  • It helps to verify the property’s approvals and helps ensure that the property has been constructed with all the legal compliances.
  • It helps detect unauthorised constructions.
  • It helps you determine the accurate stamp duty rate for the property.
  • CTS number helps facilitate approvals. Using the CTS number, you can easily get building permission.
  • You would need a CTS number to get official permissions to undertake repairs and make modifications to the property.
  • You might also need the CTS number while getting electricity and water connection in Mumbai.
  • It is used as a reference and identification number in various applications and queries.
  • With a CTS number, you need not approach government offices to get information on your property. You can get the property details online with just a click.
  • You can also find out if the property is residential or commercial with the CTS number.

There are 10 City Survey Offices in Mumbai, and you can visit the respective survey office to obtain your CTS number.

Before buying a property, ensure to get all the property details with the help of the CTS number. Once you are sure that your chosen property is legal and complied with all the approvals, you can avail a home loan to purchase it. However, it would be best to check your home loan eligibility before applying.

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