Best Credit Card for Airport Lounge Access: Unlock the Perks of Mojo Credit Card
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29 AUGUST, 2022

Formerly, it was believed that only the rich and famous or business travellers had access to airport lounges. However, with more people flying domestically and internationally than ever, airport lounges have begun to welcome various kinds of visitors.

Some credit cards now allow free entry to airport lounges for their users.

Credit cards come in different sizes and types. Depending on the incentives and benefits they provide, some are superior to others.

What makes some credit cards stand out from the rest is their ability to provide added convenience.

These perks include lounge access at airports, hotels and shopping malls.

One such card is the Kotak Mojo credit card, which offers a range of options, such as shopping, rewards, travel, etc.

For those who prioritize accumulating reward points when shopping, the card is best suited.

What are the methods to access airport lounges?

Below are some ways to access the airport lounges:

1. Priority pass

Thousands of airport lounges globally are accessible through a third-party membership programme called a priority pass.

These lounges have a fantastic blend of airport, airline, and alliance lounges.

Choosing a priority pass is a great option for you if you travel frequently and to many different locations globally.

2. Access to Airport Lounges With Credit Cards

Credit cards that grant entry to airport lounges are a popular method used by many passengers worldwide.

Many credit cards provide discounted access to priority passes or specific airline lounges at airports.

One such card is the Kotak Mojo credit card, which offers eight complimentary dream folks airport lounge visits (2 every quarter) within India.

3. Purchase a One-day Pass

Consider purchasing a one-day pass if you only need access to an airport lounge before a long, exhausting journey and do not want to commit to anything long-term.

4. Buy an Airport Lounge Membership

If you are a frequent traveler, you can opt for an airport lounge membership.

5. Accompany Someone With Access to The Airport Lounge

Lounge access along with membership allows people to accompany as many guests without any cost.

So, you can travel with someone if they have access to the membership.

6. Reach Elite Status with an Airline

Achieving elite status with an alliance or airline also grants access to airport lounges.

Although achieving this status is not difficult, it is only practically viable if you are a frequent business traveler or fly with a particular airline.

What are the Features and Reward Points of The Mojo Credit Card?

Below are some features and reward points of the Mojo credit card:

1. Mojo points

  • For every Rs. 100 spent online using a credit card, a cardholder can receive unlimited 2.5 Mojo points.
  • For every Rs. 100 spent other than online using a credit card, a cardholder can receive unlimited 1 Mojo points.
  • After the date of accrual, these points are valid for two years.

2. Milestone Gift

Cardholders will be eligible for additional Mojo points on meeting some criteria. It only applies to the first year and is a quarterly milestone.

If cardholders spend Rs. 75,000 or more every quarter, they will qualify for 2500 bonus Mojo points.

They will get their reward points 45 days after the quarter’s completion.

3. Travel benefits

Cardholders can receive eight complimentary dream folks airport lounge visits annually (2 every quarter) within India.

4. Joining and annual fees waiver

If you spend Rs. 30,000 in the first 90 days following the card’s issuance, the joining fees of Rs. 1,000 will be waived.

Additionally, your annual fees will be waived if your spending totals Rs. 1 lakh.

5. Fuel surcharge waiver

  • Cardholders will not receive Mojo points for fuel purchases or transactions.
  • However, any transactions between Rs. 500 and Rs. 3000 are eligible for the 1% fuel cost waiver.
  • They can avail of benefits of a maximum Rs. 3500 fuel surcharge waiver per anniversary year.

6. Railway surcharge waiver

  • For transactions made through, a 1.8% railway surcharge can be avoided.
  • Further, if cardholders transact through Indian Railways Booking Counters, they can save 2.5%.
  • In an anniversary year, a maximum of Rs. 500 may be waived.

What savings are possible with the Mojo Credit Card?

Cardholders can annually save the below amount:


Fees of Mojo Credit Card



Annual Fee

Rs. 1000

Joining Fee

Rs. 1000

Interest Charges

3.5% per month | 42% per annum

Late Payment Charges

➔    If the outstanding balance is 500 rupees or less, you will pay Rs. 100.

➔    If the outstanding balance is between Rs. 500 to Rs. 10,000, you will pay Rs. 500.

➔    You will pay Rs. 700 if the remaining balance is more than Rs. 10,000.

For more details, click here.

Who is eligible for the Mojo Credit Card?

The following requirements must be satisfied to apply for the Kotak Mojo Platinum Credit Card and to avail of the credit card benefits

- The person must be an Indian citizen.

- The minimum age requirement must be 21 and the maximum age limit must be 65.

- The add-on cardholder needs to be above 18 years.

- You must have a minimum net annual income of Rs. 4 lakh.

Individuals need to be aware that even if they match the above criteria, Kotak Mahindra Bank will still consider their application based on factors such as their past payment history, credit history, amount of debt, etc.

Moreover, a few documents must be submitted with your application.

In addition, Kotak Mahindra Bank has introduced a quick method of payment. Fast, secure, and safe payment options are provided by Visa payWave.

Through that, you can pay for transactions up to Rs. 5,000 by waving your Kotak Mojo Credit Card without a PIN.


A simple and reasonable credit card that offers rewards on practically all of your purchases is the Kotak Mojo Platinum.

The Mojo Points you accumulate while using this card can be quite helpful because you can use them to pay off an overdue statement.

With this card, you can make incredible savings because you receive a spend-based joining and an annual fee waiver, making your card completely free to own.

Additionally, you can save extra money by using the gift cards you earn through the milestone programme.

The Kotak Mojo Platinum Credit Card is one of the best credit cards for anyone looking for rewards, travel perks, and savings chances.

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