Compare Credit Cards — Apply for the Best Credit Card in India

With a variety of options available for you, a credit card comparison is a must. Compare the best credit cards in India to find out which card would match your spending pattern. Opt for a suitable credit card to maximize the spending-based reward points. Choose from a range of lifestyle, premium, cashback, fuel, or co-branded credit cards from Kotak Mahindra Bank’s range of solutions.

Compare Credit Cards

Kotak Bank offers a wide range of credit cards with different features and benefits linked to them. These credit cards include offers on entertainment, dining, fuel, co-branded purchase, cash-back and travel.

Consider these things before you compare credit cards

  • Purpose of the Card: All credit cards have different benefits and offer various reward programs. Selecting your purpose for using the card will help us show you the most relevant credit cards available
  • City of Residence: Some credit cards have offers on shopping, dining and flights specific to certain cities
  • Employment: Salaried professionals and self-employed professionals have different lifestyles. Choose the credit card that best suits your needs 
  • Monthly Income: Monthly income may be the most important factor to confirm your eligibility for a particular credit card
  • If You Already Own a Credit Card: You will have to mention the bank which has issued you the same and if you do not hold a card, you will have to state whether you have taken a loan previously. This is to check your credit history


Choose the Best Credit Card for You

Among the different types of credit cards offered by Kotak Mahindra Bank, you can choose the card that best fits your needs. Make a credit card comparison and find out the best rewards credit card in India. With the best credit card, you can maximize the rewards and get extra benefits on every transaction that you make.

To compare credit cards in India, here are a few parameters that you should check:


  • The purpose of the card

You can differentiate credit cards into various categories based on the rewards and benefits that they promise. There are lifestyle cards, entertainment cards, fuel cards, premium cards, co-branded cards, etc. Assess your spending habits and then choose a card that gives the maximum benefits on your transactions.


  • The rewards offered

Once you shortlist the type of credit card you want, compare the reward structure. Check the reward points offered on every purchase. Also, look at the additional benefits like cash backs, discounts, gift vouchers, lounge access, etc. Choose a card with the maximum benefit features.


  • Partnered merchants

You can enjoy discounts and gift vouchers at merchant brands that collaborate with the credit card company. So, check the partnered merchants to ensure that your favorite brands partner with the card.


  • The charge structure

Credit cards have some charges associated with them. Check the charge structure, especially the joining and the annual fee. Try and opt for a card with the lowest fees and charges to limit the additional expenses.


  • The eligibility criteria

Lastly, once you have shortlisted the card, check its eligibility parameters. The most common parameters include your age, income, occupation, and credit score. Make sure you fulfill all the eligibility requirements so that the bank accepts your credit card application without any hassle.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the Best Credit Cards offered?

Kotak Mahindra Bank offers a range of credit cards ranging from premium cards to lifestyle cards. 

You can choose lifestyle-oriented credit cards, fuel cards, co-branded cards, shopping or entertainment-oriented credit cards, or travel credit cards based on your spending habits. 

Can I have two Credit Cards?

Yes, you can have two or more two credit cards if you want. However, if you apply for multiple credit cards, mention your existing credit card details when availing of the second card.

Which is the best credit card for entertainment benefits?

For the best rewards on entertainment, you can choose from the following cards:

  • Delight Platinum Credit Card: 10% cashback on movies, 4 PVR movie tickets, or a cashback of Rs. 750 on movie ticket bookings. Know more
  • PVR Kotak Platinum Credit Card: 2 free PVR tickets each month, 15% cashback on food and beverages at PVR, and 5% cashback on movie ticket purchases at PVR box-office. Know more
  • PVR Kotak Gold Credit Card: Up to 2 free movie tickets of PVR Cinemas every month and 15% cashback on food and beverages at PVR. Know more
  • Urbane Gold Credit Card: 4 PVR tickets annually on spending Rs.1 lakh or above. Know more

What are the best credit cards available for dining benefits?

For enjoying the best dining benefits, you can choose from the following credit cards:

  • Delight Platinum Credit Card: 10% cash back on dining.
  • Feast Gold Credit Card: 10 dining points on every Rs.100 spent on dining. Know more

Which credit card offers the best travel benefits?

The following credit cards offer the best travel benefits:

  • Royale Signature Credit Card:  2 complimentary airport lounge access in India every quarter. Know more
  • Privy League Signature Credit Card: 4 complimentary Priority Pass visits and 5X reward points on travel-related spends. Know more