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28 APRIL, 2023

Many people, in both urban and rural India, use credit cards. They are convenient to carry and give access to money as and when you need money. The biggest advantage is, however, the range of benefits that some credit cards offer to the cardholders. These benefits enable cardholders to enjoy discounts, freebies and more. One credit card that does bring amazing rewards and benefits is the Kotak Mojo Platinum card. You can get Mojo Platinum card points credited to your account when you travel, shop, and commute to the office daily.

Ways to Earn Rewards through Mojo Platinum Credit Card

Before you enjoy all the benefits the card offers, it is important to understand how you can earn the rewards.

Mojo Points

The Mojo Platinum Credit Card rewards you for online transactions. Some Mojo credit card rewards you can earn are:

  • Each time you spend Rs. 100 online, you earn 2.5 Mojo points.
  • Each time you spend Rs. 100 on other purchases, you earn 1 Mojo point.

There is no limit to the number of points you can collect; use the credit card to keep earning points. It makes it very attractive for users to use their cards to earn points.

The accrued points are valid for two years, and there is plenty of time to accumulate them.


The Mojo Platinum Credit Card makes shopping a rewarding process. It does not make you feel you are wasting your hard-earned money. Retail spending lets you earn reward points, enhancing the shopping experience.

  • With every retail purchase of Rs. 100 online, you earn 2.5 Mojo points.
  • With every other retail purchase of Rs. 100, excluding fuel purchases, you earn 1 Mojo point.

More rewards await you when you use your credit card in the first year. A cardholder who makes purchases worth Rs. 75,000 every quarter earns 2,500 points. This bonus reward is valid for only the first year of obtaining the card.


Use the Mojo Platinum Credit Card offers to enjoy airport lounge access, gourmet meals and waivers. The frequent flyer perks give access to 8 visits in one year to the DreamFolks airport lounges in India.

Some cities with participating DreamFolks lounges are Ahmedabad, Chandigarh, Goa, New Delhi, Hyderabad, and Jaipur, among many others. You can access the domestic and international lounges from the entire list of participating lounges.  

Check other details before heading to the lounge:

  • Can you take guests? Yes, you can if you have DreamFolks along with lounge access.
  • Is the offer valid on the date of your travel? Yes, lounge access is available on the date of your flight.


Avail the credit card offers on rail travel. Here is how:

  • Save a 1.8% surcharge on transactions at the Indian Railways website
  • Save a 2.5% surcharge on transactions at the Indian Railways Booking Counters

It is advisable to check the limit on the maximum amount of surcharge waiver allowed on your card before you make the bookings.


With the rising cost of fuel, any waiver in charges is always welcome. Get a 1% fuel surcharge waiver on transactions between Rs. 500 and Rs. 3,000 with the Mojo Platinum Credit Card. Agreed, you are not winning any points, but are saving a lot! Our advice, tank up and avail this surcharge waiver benefit.

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Add-On Card

You can get an add-on credit card and enjoy more credit card offers. The add-on card is issued for your spouse, siblings, children or parents. All the benefits of your Mojo Platinum Credit Card will also apply to the add-on card.

The advantages of the Add-on card-

  • You get to decide the spending limit.
  • You can also track both of your credit cards separately. This way, you know how much money the dependent is spending on their add-on card.

An add-on card usually comes with minimal fees and will make it easier for you to give your family the freedom to manage their expenses without impacting your budget.

Safety of Mojo Platinum Credit Cards

Knowing the safety features of a credit card is equally important as knowing the benefits. While you can read about them online or call the customer care service to find the details over a call, we are sharing some prominent safety features of the Mojo Platinum Credit Card with you.

  • An embedded EMV chip to safeguard users against theft and hacking.
  • A 6-digit pin code that adds an extra level of security.

These safety features make it challenging for hackers and phishers to misuse your credit cards. Understand and use the safety features to keep your credit card safe. Use your credit card extensively but wisely to earn Mojo credit card rewards.

What to do in Case of Loss or Theft of Your Mojo Platinum Credit Card

Do you know what to do if your card gets lost or stolen? In situations like this,

  • Call the bank customer care service at 1800 209 0000. They will block your card as soon as you call them
  • Send an SMS. To block your credit card - SMS <KCCLOST (space) (Last four digits of your Mojo Platinum Credit Card) > to 5676788. The standard SMS charges apply to this.

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Using the Mojo Platinum Credit Card effectively and securely is beneficial, if you understand the benefits and how you can claim the benefits. Never ever think that the reward points are useless, collect them and use them to make life easier or happier. We encourage you to use the Mojo Platinum card to earn several points and earn rewards as and when you use it.

Smart usage can also lead to many amazing credit card offers and savings. Make sure you read all the terms and conditions thoroughly before using the card and enjoy the rewards. The Mojo Platinum card points make your spending hassle-free when you use the card sensibly.

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