Do's & Dont's

The safety and security of your private and financial details is of the highest priority. That’s why we’d like to give you a few tips that will help you keep your Credit Card details safe from the hands of hackers and fraudsters. 
  • When receiving your Kotak Credit Card, make sure the welcome kit is sealed. if not call customer care immediately.
  • Sign on the reverse of card immediately on receipt.
  • Treat your Kotak Credit Card as carefully as you would treat your cash.
  • If you lose your Credit Card, please report the loss immediately.
  • Always ensure that the Card is swiped in your presence.
  • Ensure your mobile number is updated and registered for instant transaction alerts.
  • Inform change of address or contact details to the Bank promptly.
  • In case you notice an unrecognized transaction in your statement, report it instantly to Kotak customer care.
  • Register yourself for an “online transaction password” such as Verified by Visa (VbV) or Master Card Secure Code (MCSC), enabling yet another safety layer. This is now mandatory for carrying out online transactions.
    • One Time Password (OTP) –Can be used for Online shopping (Six digit dynamic password will be send on your bank registered mobile number and E-mailer, each time you opt for OTP during online transaction.
  • Cut the Card into four pieces before disposal at the time of renewal/up gradation/cancellation.
  • Get your Card replaced if you have used it in a high risk country by calling up customer care.
  • Do not hand over your Kotak Credit Card to anyone, even if he/she claims to represent the Bank.
  • Do not disclose your Card number, expiry date and CVV value to anyone.
  • Do not use your Card on websites like gaming, pornography, lottery, gambling and unsecured payment gateways.
  • Do not write your ATM PIN on the Card or on a paper which you carry along with the Card.

  • Never give a photocopy of the front and back of your Credit Card, to anyone for any reason, even if it is for an application of a new Credit Card.
  • Do not sign a blank application form, to be filled in by an agent or Bank representative later.
  • Do not access your Internet Banking account on unsecure public computers like cyber cafes.
  • Do not use your Credit Card on any unsecure website which does not have a lock symbol. This icon indicates that the site is employing an encryption technology during the transmission of your sensitive data.
  • Do not fall prey to mass emails or SMS attacks asking for Credit Card details.
  • Never respond to any emails asking for personal details and card numbers in response to attractive sounding schemes from suspicious callers.
  • Please note that Kotak Mahindra Bank will never ask you to send your personal banking details.



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