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14 MARCH, 2023

Anyone who wants to buy any goods or services can do so by using a credit card. This credit payment is made through a credit card issued by different banks and financial institutions based on the borrowers' eligibility. The person must repay the same within a fixed period decided by the banks or financial institutions.

If you are a movie lover, the PVR platinum credit card offered by Kotak Bank is an ideal choice. PVR Cinemas have partnered with Kotak Bank, which will allow people to get tickets at a reduced price and free tickets when using this particular credit card for more than a specific limit. Several benefits have been awarded through this credit card.

Offers on PVR Platinum Credit Card

There are various PVR platinum credit card offers available to the customer. These are as follows-

  • Free movie tickets

The customer whose monthly billing takes place for an amount greater than or equal to Rs. 10000 will get two movie PVR free tickets on credit card.

A monthly billing cycle allows for a maximum of two free tickets.

  • Coverage for Lost or Stolen Cards
    • If your card is lost or stolen, it is protected from unauthorized transactions.
    • This protection applies to transactions involving the amount of Rs75000.
  • Card Add-On

Your Add-on Card will have all of the same benefits as your card.

You can set the spending limit on your Add-on Card to whatever you want.

You can easily track what you spend on each add-on card.

How to Claim the PVR Coupon Code?

You become eligible for free movie tickets when the credit card is used for more than a particular limit. An email and SMS are sent regarding the same on the email ID and registered mobile number of the person given in the bank. There are two ways to get the codes for free movie tickets.

One is by sending an SMS through your mobile number on 5676788. The SMS should be PVRKCC space the first three letters of the month's name, e.g. JAN for January. The other method is to obtain the code through net banking. This code can be claimed within two billing cycles and is sent on your mobile and email. The process to obtain the code through net banking has been given below-

  • Visit the official website of Kotak bank
  • There will be an option for Net Banking; click on that option
  • It will ask for the username and password; enter it
  • There will be a credit card tab; select it
  • There will be an option for claiming the PVR Coupon. Click on that option.

If you are using Net Banking for the first time, you can generate a password through the forgot password option.

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Which Method to Follow Book Complimentary PVR Movie Tickets?

The following is the process for booking free movie tickets:

  • The first step is to visit the official website of PVR Cinemas. Alternatively, you can also go to the mobile app of PVR Cinemas.
  • The next step is to choose the city where you want to see the movie.
  • After that, select the movie and the show available for it along with the cinema. Check whether the seats are available or not. Then select the seat of your choice.
  • When you visit the payment page for booking the tickets, there will be an MCOUPON tab. This tab will be below the debit and credit card options.
  • The next step is to enter the last five digits of your mobile number and the last four digits of the Kotak PVR credit card.
  • Finally, enter the coupon code and click on the final submit/make the payment tab, and your tickets will be booked.

The upper limit set for the ticket price per ticket for each coupon is Rs. 400. However, if the ticket price is more than Rs. 400, the excess amount must be paid by the person booking the ticket. Also, any booking or convenience fees charged by the bank shall be extra.

Fees for obtaining PVR Kotak Platinum Credit Card

The following are the fees for obtaining a Kotak Platinum Credit Card-

Fees for joining - Nil

Fees for one year - Rs999

Add-on fees for the card - Rs299 per add on

Cash withdrawal from ATM / Fund transfer / cash advance per Rs10000 - Rs300

Outstanding balance interest charges - 3.50 %

Waiver of Annual fees - Not Applicable

Over limit charge - Rs500

Foreign currency markup - 3.5%

Cheque bounce charge - Rs500

Fees for cash payment at the bank - Rs100

Processing fees for an outstation cheque - Waived

Balance inquiry charges - Waived

Reissue or replacement of card - Rs100

Duplicate statement request - Waived

Web pay service fee - Waived

Value Chart of PVR Kotak Platinum Credit Card

Criteria for receiving free PVR movie tickets - 2 free PVR movie tickets with a monthly spend of Rs.10,000.

Estimated annual spend with a monthly spend of 10000 - Rs120000

Annual fee - Rs 999

PVR movie ticket value - Rs 9600

Saving percentage - 8%

Total value after deducting annual fees - Rs 8601

Net savings percentage - 7%

Terms and Conditions for Obtaining the Offer

PVR only provides the benefit of free tickets on the Kotak Platinum Credit Card.

Only those who had applied to get the card before 30 September can claim this offer.

The PVR Coupon will only be available to 25 persons who make the highest buying.

This coupon can only be used once.

The Kotak PVR Platinum Credit Card will have to be used to get this offer.

It is necessary to pay the annual fees of the card.

The coupon code can be used either through the website or the app or directly in the cinemas.

You can only buy movie tickets through it, and cash cannot be claimed in place of the tickets.

When applying this offer, no other coupon or offer can be applied.

If there is any inconvenience or lack of services by PVR or its agents, Kotak Bank shall not be held responsible for the same.

The person obtaining the offer must read and agree to the card's terms of use.

Kotak Bank will have the right to change the offer, the redemption process, or the terms of use from time to time.

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Different credit cards are ideal for people with different spending habits. Before applying for a credit card, do proper research, and make sure you apply for the best credit card depending on your spending habits.

The PVR Kotak platinum credit card is the ideal choice for movie lovers as it gives them two movie tickets for free per month if the total expenses incurred through the card are greater than INR 10000. The process to obtain the tickets and the card and redeem the same is very easy, which makes it an ideal choice.

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