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Home Loan PrePayment Calculator

Use our easy-to-access pre payment EMI calculator to help you plan for your dream faster and more efficiently. Please select the loan type that you require and get your estimated costing right now!


Number of months you will close your loan early


Current Tenure:

240 Tenure

Revised Tenure:

196 Tenure

What is Pre-payment of Home Loan?

Pre-payment of a Home Loan is a beneficial feature that empowers you to pay a portion, or the total, of your housing loan before its tenure completion. This option is often chosen by borrowers with surplus funds, offering them the flexibility to manage and reduce their loan obligation proactively. Overall, it's a strategic financial move that enables borrowers to take control of their loan repayment timeline.

What is Part Payment of Home Loan?

Part payment of a Home Loan occurs when you use surplus funds, insufficient to cover the total outstanding amount. By depositing this surplus into your loan account, you reduce the unpaid principal. It helps reduce the principal amount and lightens the interest load, reducing your overall EMI burden. It's a smart financial move to consider part payment whenever you have surplus funds. Learn more about it with our Part Payment Calculator. It can help you calculate your EMI with part payment and make informed financial decisions.

What is a Pre-payment Calculator?

A Home Loan Pre-payment Calculator is an online tool designed to empower borrowers in planning and visualising their Home Loan payoff strategies. It helps estimate the potential savings and impact of making pre- or part-payments and the revised EMI amount.

With Pre-payment EMI Calculator, users can:

  • Navigate scenarios to optimise their financial decisions
  • Get valuable insights into reducing the outstanding principal, lowering EMIs, and overall interest payments.

The best part is that the calculator gives you options to either decrease EMI or Keep EMI the same & decrease loan tenure.

What is a Part Payment Calculator?

The Home Loan Part Payment Calculator is a helpful financial tool for borrowers. It helps determine the remaining outstanding amount after a partial repayment. Borrowers can see the adjusted EMI or revised tenure by entering details like part payment amount, tenure, interest rate, and outstanding balance. It enables smart decisions about the impact of part payments on Home Loans.

With Part Payment EMI Calculator, you get several benefits. It lets you…

  • Understand the balance amount after part payments using the part payment calculator.
  • Determine the impact on EMI or tenure to make well-informed choices.
  • Tailor your repayment strategy for enhanced control over your Home Loan.
  • Allocate surplus funds wisely, minimising the outstanding balance with strategic part payments.

How Does the Home Loan Part Payment Calculator Work?

Here’s how the Home Loan Pre-payment or Part Payment Calculator works:

  1. Enter Your Outstanding Loan Amount: Use the slider to choose how much your outstanding loan amount is – the first step to figuring out your new EMI.
  2. Put Your Interest Rate: Use the slider to pick the interest rate – enter the applicable interest rate.
  3. Decide Your Loan Time: Enter how long you have to pay back (in months or years) – you can use the slider to choose the tenure.
  4. Select Your Part Payment Amount: Enter the amount you want to pay – you can use the slider.

The calculator also gives you options to either decrease EMI or Keep EMI the same & decrease loan tenure.

And there you go! You'll see your new EMI right away.

Features of EMI Calculator with Pre-payment

Here are the features of EMI Calculator with Pre-payment, offering significant advantages:

  • Flexible Repayment Plans

Adjust your loan journey with options like shorter tenure or smaller EMIs, easily calculated. Adapt your repayment strategy to suit your financial comfort.

  • Credit Score Boost

Full loan repayments positively impact your CIBIL score, giving your financial record a boost. This would help you secure loans and other financial support in the future.

  • Informed Decision-Making

Get clear insights for smarter financial choices, taking you towards a quicker path to being debt-free.


Pre Payment Calculator FAQs

Are there any limitations or factors to consider when using a loan prepayment calculator?

When considering home loan prepayment, factors like age and future cash flows should be considered.

Borrowers in early or near retirement age can opt for prepayment due to stable income or no obligations. Additionally, assessing financial circumstances and ensuring sufficient income to manage expenses is crucial. Being aware of tax benefits and implications on the home loan is also important before making a prepayment decision.

How does making a prepayment on a home loan reduce the overall interest cost?

As your income increases during the loan tenure, consider increasing the existing EMI or reducing the loan tenure.

Both options result in faster loan repayment and savings on overall interest. The prepayment amount is adjusted from the principal outstanding, reducing the interest component of the loan.

Can I make multiple prepayments on my home loan, and how does it affect the tenor?

Yes, one can make multiple prepayments on his/her home loan account. Although, borrower should check prepayment clause in the home loan agreement and charges mentioned on Kotak website.

Can I use a home loan prepayment calculator for any type of home loan?

Yes, the calculator can be used for any type of Home Loan product.

What are the Applicable Home Loan Prepayment Charges?

Home Loan Prepayment charges to be referred under Fees & Charges section on Kotak Bank website

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