Just as John Denver famously sang “I’m leaving on a jet plane. Don’t know when I’ll be back again”, it’s time for you to pack your bags and get ready to go. But, travelling abroad involves a great deal of struggle before getting to the best part a.k.a the excitement of finding yourself in a new country. The days leading up to your departure are the absolute puzzling ones! Your head is brimming with ways to go about your never-ending to-do list. Not to mention, it keeps growing with every passing hour. You don’t want to end up in a situation where everything is still pending and time is not by your side. So, what do you do? Simply get right to the important bits; the formalities as one would say. These include sorting out your bank accounts, getting the right SIM card, cancelling cards and memberships that won’t be useful to you anymore. Not to worry because things are about to get simplified. So read on:

1. Hello India!
The ones who don't mind shooting money out of their wallets at any given time... can surely afford a huge roaming bill. But if you are someone who can’t afford or don't wish to spend your savings on a simple call back home, make sure to get your new SIM card arranged before you fly. You could talk to your current service provider to know if you can carry forward your current plan, or do a little bit of research online and you are sure to find a plan that fits your requirements, like reasonable outgoing call rates to India.

2. Pack light but right
The need to carry little reminders of life back home along with you to your new destination is quite understandable. But let’s get realistic here. Every airline comes with a strict baggage allowance. So, you’d rather save it for something more important than a lifetime supply of snacks from back home. Read through the dos and don’ts of your airline carrier and make a list of items you can carry onboard and those you can’t. Analyse the weather conditions in your new hometown and pack appropriately for the year. Also, pack in toiletries and other supplies for your new home for the first month. This will give you enough time to get familiar with your new neighbourhood.

3. Weekend Wanderlust
You might have to work through the week once you relocate, but weekends are yours to explore and enjoy. There's no better time to start walking around your new neighbourhood than in your first month there. Of course you will have your domestic chores and other responsibilities to fulfill, but you can always make time for something new and exciting. As a newbie, you should head out for some local sightseeing and plan leisure/adventure trips around the vicinity, if not too far. So now, while you are still at home, take time to list down places and ways to get there. You can even book in advance for better deals.

4. Banking made easy
As opposed to popular belief, it isn’t difficult to manage your bank account back in India from your new location. With the right account in the right bank, you can access your savings and do your banking transactions from any part of the world. Before you leave home, make sure to park your surplus in a Fixed Deposit instead of leaving it in a Savings Account. That way, you earn higher interest, and also enjoy the benefit of easy liquidity in times of emergency.

Also, get acquainted with NRE and NRO savings account. With an NRE savings account, you can manage your overseas earnings completely tax-free! Also, the account is designed to help you earn more from your Rupee savings in India. With an NRO account, you can get access to your funds anytime anywhere across the globe. You can also avail a dedicated Relationship Manager to manage your funds while you are away. The best part is, you can transfer amounts up to USD 1 million each financial year (subject to documentation). To know more, just get in touch with customer contact center.

Now that you have your priorities set straight, you can dedicate the rest of your free time to long goodbyes or get busy binging on your favourite chaat.

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