At this point, you must be thinking that there is nothing scarier than leaving your home to study in a different part of the country or the world. You are going to be leaving behind your parents, friends, pets, house help, favourite restaurants, favourite cashier at the local supermarket, favourite hairdresser...the list is endless! But look at it this way — you are going to make new friends, maybe even lifelong ones; you may acquire a taste for a new kind of cuisine; you may change your habits to suit your new lifestyle; and you may even adapt to the weather in no time. So leave your worries behind and look forward to a new chapter in your life. Here are some helpful tips that will get you accustomed to university life as seamlessly as possible.

You are not alone

Like you, most students at your university are going through the exact same emotions and are dealing with similar situations. Reach out to them and extend a helping hand, so that they can assist you in the same way. A little give and take never hurt anybody, plus this might just be the start of a new friendship.

An idle mind is a devil’s workshop

University life is more than just classes and academics. Universities are a melting pot of culture with students from different backgrounds coming together under one roof. There are several extracurricular activities and clubs set up inside the university for students to mingle and bond over shared ideas and thoughts. If you have moved abroad or a different city, get a part-time job or an internship to earn a few extra bucks. Nothing like keeping yourself busy.

Be yourself

Change is good, but not at the cost of doing something for the sake of others when you aren’t happy about it. It’s fine to try something new but the decision should be yours and yours alone. Don’t feel pressurised to do anything you don’t want to, especially giving in to bullying. You won’t be branded as a spoilsport, but maybe you will be respected for taking a stand against it.

Discover and explore

Take time out between your busy schedule to explore your new environment. Staying put in your university, however tied up you might be, isn’t always the best solution to take your mind off life back at home. Discover places to eat, shop and unwind. It’s a new day in a new place and it’s waiting to be explored. So go out, be adventurous.

Money in need

Nothing like having money when you need it the most. With a savings account, you will have a safe place to keep your money and control over your expenses. Withdraw money only when you require it and let it grow in your account when you don’t.

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