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Get those bags packing. Make sure your room is spick and span. Clear dues if any - friends, colleagues, chaiwaala. Tell your parents you love them at least 10 times every day. Why? Because it is time to say your goodbyes.

We’re sure you didn’t think time would fly by this quickly. You must be saying, “Wait, didn’t my visa come in just yesterday?” when it’s actually been more than a month. But now you find yourself falling short on time to complete everything you intended to do before flying out of the country, for who knows how long.

Worry not my friend. We’ve got you covered with a few handy tips that will be a smooth drive through all the essentials you need to look into before leaving the country. Before you know it, you’ll be flaunting that 100-watt smile on the flight towards a new chapter in your life. So let’s get started:

Settling in
Nothing's more important than planning how you’re going to settle in once you’ve moved. Right from finding the best location to arranging for essentials inside the house, it is crucial to look at all your options and narrow it down to the right fit. This also helps you adjust to your new environment a lot better.

Understanding your new environment
Every country carries a culture vastly different from the other. The language they speak, the etiquettes they follow, the rules they adhere to; it changes from place to place. It’s important that you familiarise yourself with the local customs and trends. This proves helpful when socialising with people and it would get easier for you to fit in.

Learn the local language
If you are migrating to a non-English speaking country, then we’re sure we don’t need to emphasise on how important it is to learn the basics of the local language there. Even something as simple as saying ‘hello’ in the local tongue can take you a long way.

Be open to new experiences
After spending half of your life learning about the ways of the world around you (from your parents, relatives, teachers, friends...), it is going to be difficult to unlearn some of them. Like we mentioned earlier, since every country is culturally different, be prepared to experiment with new cuisines, new means of transportation, or even a new style of clothing. You never know what may actually suit your fancy.

In the name of the law
As important as it is to familiarise yourself with the local culture, it’s equally important to understand the law that governs the place. What may seem appropriate for you to engage in back home may be looked upon as offensive or inappropriate in your new home. Take the time to do your research.

Get your money in place
Spending on your accommodation is only half the battle won. Make sure you have enough saved for your local expenses. Food might have come cheap in your neighbourhood back home, but may cost a lot more in your new one. Also, it’s always better to keep a good chunk of money handy for emergencies.

Opt for the right services back home
Just because you are going to stay abroad doesn’t mean it has to be difficult to send money back to your parents, or shower your friends and loved ones with occasional gifts. Want to discover and avail easy banking facilities available for NRIs? Check them out here. With the facility called Click2Remit, you can safely transfer money to India using various modes of transfer and delivery. You can also track the transfer delivery online using a special transaction code provided to you on completion of the transaction. Know the benefits of Click2Remit

Nothing's more exciting than exploring a new part of the world and nothing more comforting than knowing it'll all be taken care of, and that you'll manage it like a boss. Now that we’ve given you quite a bit to tick off your to-do list, you can get back to emotionally blackmailing your friends and loved ones with farewell favours. Have a nice trip!

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