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After a prolonged period of limited travelling, finally in 2022, we saw the world reopen and return to travelling with a vengeance: it’s called “revenge travel”, no really.

For frequent flyers, airport lounges provide great respite from the stress and chaos of waiting for flights. These lounges offer a peaceful and comfortable environment to rest, work or get refreshments. However, access to these lounges can be costly and come with business class tickets

If you’re not ready to spend a small fortune flying business but still want to enjoy a terrific lounge experience whenever you fly: airport lounge access cards are for you. These credit cards provide complimentary lounge access or discounted access to airport lounges. This way, you can take advantage of lounge amenities at a reduced price.

Let us take a closer look at what airport lounge access credit card offers, and how they work.

What are Airport Lounge Credit Cards?

Airport lounge credit cards offer cardholders complimentary access to priority pass membership or discounted access to airport lounges. Lounge access means exclusive benefits, comfortable waiting areas, and other amenities such as food, drinks, Wi-Fi, showers, and quiet spaces to work or relax.

Airport lounge access credit cards give you access to a wide range of lounges. Before visiting the airport, check whether your credit card gives you complimentary access at the selected airport. Access to airport lounges is usually for first and business-class passengers and frequent flyer members. But with an airport lounge access credit card, you can go to the lounges even if you're travelling economy or without frequent flyer status.

With an airport lounge access credit card, you can also earn air miles; later, redeem them for discounts on flight prices and get other perks. In addition to travel-related discounts, these credit cards offer discounts and promotions on entertainment, shopping, and dining.

What is a Priority Pass Membership On Credit Cards?

Priority Pass is a membership program that provides access to over 1,300 airport lounges worldwide. This membership gets you entry at airport lounges regardless of the airline you are flying with or the class of travel.

Some credit cards offer Priority Pass memberships as a benefit for cardholders. So with such a credit card, you can visit the airport lounges in the Priority Pass network.

Some credit cards may also offer a discounted rate for membership or access to a specific number of lounge visits per year. The number of visits and amenities available may vary depending on the credit card type.

How To Access Lounge in Airport with Credit Card?

Credit card lounge access facilities work in a few different ways, depending on the card type and the lounge network.

Locate the airport lounge from the list provided by the card issuer. Approach the lounge entrance and look for the check-in desk or staff member who can grant access. Present the boarding pass and credit card to the staff member. The staff member will verify that the credit card is eligible for lounge access. They will swipe the credit card to check the details on the card and verify their identity.

If everything is in order, the staff member will grant access to the lounge and may provide any additional information or instructions the user needs.

Airport lounge access credit cards have a specific number of visits per year. So do use the lounge facility carefully because, after the expiry, you need to pay the applicable charges.

Advantages of airport lounge access credit cards

Credit cards that offer airport lounge access have several benefits, such as:

  • Bonus air miles points will be credited to your account when booking flights with certain airline partners.
  • In addition to airport lounge pass access, some credit cards may offer insurance benefits such as accident coverage or protection against damaged goods.
  • Another benefit may include special waivers on some components of flight ticket prices, such as fuel surcharges or meal bookings.
  • And lastly, there is exclusive airport lounge access with complimentary food and drinks, Wi-Fi and other business amenities.

Factors to consider when choosing airport lounge access credit cards

Consider a few factors while selecting an airport lounge access credit card:

  • Check the types of lounges and airports you can access in the card's lounge program
  • Some credit cards may charge a fee for each visit to an airport lounge, while others may offer a certain number of free visits per year
  • Many credit cards that offer airport lounge access have an annual fee. Determine whether the card benefits are worth the yearly fee and how long you can use the lounge access benefit.
  • Look for credit cards that offer additional travel-related perks, such as a hotel loyalty program, priority boarding, or waived fees for checked bags. These benefits can add value to the card, especially if travelling frequently.

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Airport lounge access credit cards can offer travellers a range of benefits and amenities, including access to exclusive airport lounges, complimentary food and drinks, fast Wi-Fi, etc. 

When selecting a credit card with airport lounge access, it is advisable to consider various factors to determine the best option as per your needs. These include - lounge access network, annual fees, other travel benefits, rewards program and credit card eligibility. By considering these factors and understanding the benefits and limitations of different airport lounge access credit cards, you can make an informed decision and optimise the value of your travels.

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