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16 SEPTEMBER, 2022

Credit cards are your best friend if you consider yourself a shopaholic. Using a credit card not only helps you with covering your expenses but also helps to earn extra benefits. While there are many credit cards in the market, do you know that these cards are designed specifically to meet certain needs? You can choose a card based on your specific needs, and if you love shopping, the Mojo Platinum Credit Card by Kotak is your best solution. 

Data shows that 76% of Indians prefer credit cards for shopping purposes to debit cards. Using a credit card for online shopping is beneficial for many reasons, and when there is a card specially designed to meet all your shopping desires, there is nothing better. With the tagline "The Mojo Platinum Credit Card will nurture the shopaholic in you," this card has all solutions for your shopping worries. 

What is the Kotak Mojo Credit Card?

The Mojo Platinum Credit Card is a specially designed credit card by Mojo for those who love spending on shopping. This card acts like a normal credit card that allows the borrowers to borrow money from the lender while adding various advantages. This card has an array of offers that fosters the inner shopaholic within you. You do not need to control your urges to buy whatever you want with this quick and easy credit card while earning redeemable reward points and many more benefits. The Kotak Mojo Credit Card allows online shopping credit to the cardholders. In exchange for simple interest rates, the Kotak mojo platinum credit card unleashes your inner shopping desires.

Benefits of Using the Mojo Platinum Credit Card

There are several benefits of using a Mojo credit card since the card is designed to meet the criteria of those who love shopping.

  • Reward Points

The Mojo Platinum Credit Card has the feature of mojo reward points which are credited against the expenditures. You can say that you are earning while spending money on shopping. 

On spending every Rs. 100 online, you can get 2.5 mojo points. These points have validity which is up to 2 years from the accumulation date. You can spend these mojo points on other online purchases later. You can use 1 mojo point against Rs. 100. There are certain conditions on this which are a bare minimum. 

  • Fees and Charge Waivers

The surcharges on rail and fuel can be a major issue for those who frequently travel by road or railway. Rail and fuel surcharge waivers come with the mojo platinum credit card by Kotak. This card not only solves your immediate need for money but also, by waiving the surcharges, allows you to spend more on other things you love. 

Apart from that, the joining fees of the Mojo Credit Card, which is Rs. 1,000, can also be waived by spending a certain amount with the card. On spending Rs. 30,000 within the 90 days of issuance, it is possible to waive that entire joining fee.

It is better to say that this Kotak Mojo Credit Card saves your unnecessary expenses and creates better opportunities for you to spend on something that you love, which can be shopping. 

  • Travel Benefits

There are many travel benefits with the Mojo Credit Card since this card waives surcharges and provides airport lounge benefits. People who love to travel use airports frequently, and they are aware of the fact that lounge access is an added benefit since the airport lounges can be extremely expensive. 

With this card, you can avail of 8 domestic lounge accesses, which are complimentary (Dream Folks Airport Lounge visits), along with 2 international airport lounge benefits, which is a huge added advantage. 

  • Gifts to Meet Milestones

There are certain milestones set within the card limit, and after achieving each milestone, you are allowed to get reward points or mojo points. By spending Rs. 75,000 within the first year of the card issuance, you can get 2,500 mojo points as a milestone achievement gift.

Kotak Mojo Platinum Credit Card Annual Fee Waiver

The Mojo Platinum Credit Card also has an annual fee, and it is possible to waive this as well. To waive an annual fee, you are required to spend Rs. 1 Lakh annually. This is a great advantage for those who love shopping since they can spend while saving.

  • Safety and Security

The Mojo Platinum Credit Card comes with added safety and security offered to the customers. People often get scared of using a credit card online because of the fear of data theft and other financial damage. However, in case of any missing card, theft, or other issues, you can get your card deactivated in no time by simply using their helpline number 1860 266 2666 (local call rates apply).

  • Priority Benefits

The Kotak Mahindra Bank takes care of its customers and especially their time. With the Mojo Platinum Credit Card, you will become a priority customer for the bank, and you can enjoy the priority benefits at different times. If you SMS "KASSIST" to 5676788, they will take only a little time to contact you regarding your problems. Apart from that, they offer complimentary cheque pickups from the customers, which can be a great help when it comes to bill payments. You will never miss a bill due date with the help of this facility by Kotak. The EMV chip, along with the PIN number (6 digits), will keep your card secure from any harmful attempt. 

  • Add-ons

There is also a benefit of an Add-on Card, which you can get along with the Kotak Mojo Credit Card without any extra background check. With a minimum charge of Rs. 299 only, you can avail an add-on card along with the Mojo Credit Card. Since credit card eligibility includes various steps, this add-on card can solve your worries.

This card frees your inner shopaholic by creating more opportunities to spend more on shopping and saving unnecessary expenses. This card allows reward points and many other benefits you can enjoy while spending freely on shopping.

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