Calculate Stamp Duty Registration Charges in India

Stamp duty is indispensable when buying your house. This expense is generally left out by the banks you procure a home loan from. It is your responsibility to make sure that it is paid. A stamp duty calculator by Kotak Mahindra Bank helps you find out the exact amount to pay as stamp duty. Before you avail of a loan, use this mortgage stamp duty calculator to know the amount you must pay against the cost of your home.

Stamp Duty Calculator

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What is Stamp Duty?

Stamp duty can be defined as a tax that is imposed by the state government on the sale of a property or property ownership. Payment of stamp duty must be done in full and on time as it incurs fines. It is important because it acts as proof of ownership. The payment is recorded on stamp paper after the stamp duty and registration charges are paid. Using Kotak Mahindra Bank’s property stamp duty calculator, find out the amount to be paid as your home loan amount excludes it.

Stamp Duty Rates in India

The stamp duty on property is different in each state. Using Kotak Mahindra Bank's property Stamp Duty Calculator, you can calculate the amount you are liable to pay. There are several factors that affect the amount of stamp duty on property like gender, type of property, the intended use of the property, location, etc. If you buy a second home, a surcharge of 3% is payable on the standard stamp duty. Find out the percent of stamp duty charged in your state below:

States Stamp Duty Rates

Andhra Pradesh



Males- 7%




Males- 7%

Females- 5%


5% (Consideration above 35 lakh)

3%(Consideration between 21-35 lakh)

2%(Consideration less than 20 lakh)



Madhya Pradesh





Males- 5%

Females- 4%


Males- 7%

Females- 5%


Males- 6%

Females- 5%

Tamil Nadu




Uttar Pradesh




West Bengal

Upto 40 lakh-7%

Above 40 lakh-8%

Factors Affecting Stamp Duty and Registration Charges

There are various factors that determine the stamp duty charges you need to pay. The fact that this amount is excluded from your home loan amount makes it very crucial for you to know how much stamp duty you need to pay. Gender and location are some of the main factors that stamp duty charges depend on. Here is a list of other factors that determine the stamp duty on property:

  • Age of property
  • Location of property
  • Registered price
  • Type of property: residential, commercial, independent house, flat, etc.
  • Age and gender of property owner

How to Pay Stamp Duty?

You can pay stamp duty charges in the following ways:

  • Franking:
  • To pay stamp duty using this method you need to submit your documents and agreement details to the bank or franking agency with the stamp duty charges. You should know that there are service charges you will have to pay for this and not all banks conduct franking.

  • E-Stamping:
  • This is an online stamp duty payment method. Log in to the official website of Stock Holding Corporation of India Limited ( and choose the payment method. You can choose to pay through NEFT/RTGS, cash, cheque, and DD.

  • Non-judicial stamp papers:
  • To pay stamp duty charges using this method, buy non-judicial stamp paper from a licensed vendor. The relevant stamp duty will determine the value of these papers.

Stamp Duty & Registration Charges in India

Stamp duty in India

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Documents Required for Payment of Stamp Duty and Registration Charges

The procedure for the payment of stamp duty and registration charges is simplified and there are many ways to pay it. The most convenient way to pay is the online method. Following documents are required for the payment of stamp duty and registration charges:

  • ID Proof- PAN Card, Passport, Driving License, etc.
  • Original agreement document with two copies that are submitted to the Sub- Registrar of Assurances
  • Challan of the stamp duty
  • Payment details of the transaction
  • Khata certificate and receipt of the taxes paid
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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Stamp Duty charges included in Home Loan?

Stamp Duty charges are excluded from Home Loan by the lending banks. The property buyer must pay this expense out of their pockets. It is advisable to find out about these charges.

To know more, visit our home loan fees and charges page

When do you have to pay Stamp Duty?

Stamp duty must be paid before the execution of the document.

What are the documents required for payment of Stamp Duty and Registration Charges?

Following documents are required to pay Stamp Duty and Registration Charges:

- ID Proof of both parties: Passport, Driving License or PAN Card

- Original and 2 copies of Sales Deed

- Proof of Registration Fee

- Proof of Stamp Duty payment

- Proof of Payment to the seller

- Khata certificate

Can I pay Stamp Duty online?

Stamp Duty fees can be easily paid online using the E-Stamping method in some Indian states through the SHCIL website. Use a stamp duty calculator India for finding out the exact charges. 

What is a Stamp Duty Registration Calculator?

A  stamp duty registration calculator allows you to calculate the Stamp Duty Charges you need to pay. Kotak Mahindra’s mortgage Stamp Duty Calculator requires the customer to fill in the criteria such as the cost of the agreement, location of the property, type of ownership, and whether you are an existing customer to calculate the stamp duty fees. 

How to use a stamp duty and registration calculator work?

Once you provide the information, the stamp duty and registration calculator calculates the charges based on various factors like cost, gender, and location for you. 

How to use an online Stamp Duty Calculator?

Follow these steps to use Kotak Mahindra Bank’s online Stamp Duty Calculator:

-Go to the Stamp Duty and Registration charges Calculator page

-Enter the property agreement cost

-Select ownership type

-Choose the property location (Indian state)

-Select whether you're an existing customer

Stamp Duty amount will be displayed on the screen.

Do I need to pay Stamp Duty on a Home loan?

Stamp duty is not paid as part of your Home Loan. It is an indirect tax charged for the ownership transfer when you buy an asset or a property. Use a stamp duty calculator India to find out the stamp duty amount. 

How and where do I pay stamp duty in India?

Find out the amount of stamp duty using the stamp duty and registration charges calculator and pay using any of the following ways:

- Stamp paper: Paid using non-judicial

-Franking: Paid through banks that offer this facility

-E-stamping: Paid online through

Can you claim a tax deduction on your Stamp Duty?

Yes, tax deductions can be claimed on  Stamp Duty. It can be done once in the year of the transaction.

Can I claim Stamp Duty deduction in Income Tax?

The Section 80C of Income Tax Act, allows you to claim Stamp Duty deduction in Income Tax upto the maximum limit of Rs. 150,000. 

Can I get a refund on Stamp Duty?

Yes, a refund on stamp duty is given after some deduction. Maharashtra government allows you to claim it within 6 months from the date of payment if the document has not been executed.  

Who is liable to pay the Stamp Duty, the Buyer or the Seller?

The buyer of the property has to pay the stamp duty.

What is the purpose of Stamp Duty and Property Registration Charges?

They are proof of property ownership. Stamp Duty is charged to validate the registration agreement. 

Can Stamp Duty charges be avoided?

No, Stamp Duty charges are compulsory to be paid. They validate the proof of ownership.