Frequently Asked Questions

What is eSign?

Can digitally sign an electronic document without having to obtain a physical digital signature dongle.

The signer is authenticated using Aadhaar eKYC services. You can use eSign service to digitally sign the self-uploaded documents in DigiLocker as a method of self attestation.

For more information on eSign, please visit the Controller of Certifying Authorities website at

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After entering the Aadhaar number, I am getting an error message "UID service temporarily unavailable".

This may sometimes happen due to technical issues on our servers or with the UIDAI service. Most likely it's a temporary problem. Please try again after sometime.

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Does Kotak Mahindra Bank have access to my documents:

Kotak Mahindra Bank does not have access to customer's documents. We are only providing customers a single sign-on access to their DigiLocker account.

The documents are stored with DigiLocker only which is secured by the Govt of India

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Why does my digital signature appear as 'Signature Not Verified' in Adobe Acrobat Reader after eSigning a document?

Please refer the below information:

This may happen if the trusted root certificate list in your Adobe Acrobat Reader is not up to date. For this, please install the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader by downloading it from - Now open Adobe Acrobat Reader. Open Preferences dialog box by clicking 'Preferences' menu item in 'Edit' menu. Select 'Trust Manager' from 'Categories' list displayed on the left hand side. You will see 'Automatic Adobe Approved Trusted Certificates Updates' section on the right hand side in the Preferences box. Check 'Load trusted root certificates from an Adobe server' check box and click 'Update Now' button. This will update your trusted root certificate list. Now, restart Adobe Acrobat Reader and open your digitally signed document. Your digital signature should now appear as valid.

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What type of documents can be eSigned in DigiLocker?

You can sign any document uploaded in your 'Uploaded Documents' section using eSign. DigiLocker currently allows pdf, jpeg and png files to be uploaded to your account. All eSigned files are available in the pdf format after signing.

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