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Frequently Asked Questions


How to calculate the interest rate on Loan Against Property?

With the help of Kotak Mahindra Bank’s Loan Against Property EMI Calculator, you would be able to get a rough estimate of the amount you would be paying every month in return for your loan.

The calculator will help you readjust your loan tenure and the principal amount by giving you a near-perfect answer on the actual installment. Here is a link to the calculator. 

How to get the best interest rate for Loan Against Property?

To get the best or the lowest mortgage loan interest rate for Loans against property, one should improve their credit score. You should retire any pending dues and clear off your debts at the earliest.


Moreover, showing a successful work experience of over three years can help you secure a better interest rate. While there is no definitive answer to the lowest interest rate for a loan against property, you can expect loans with less than a 14% interest rate.  

What are the factors that affect Mortgage Loan Interest Rates?

Some factors a lender considers when they process your application are as follows:


  • The age and status of your property raised in collateral
  • The proposed principal amount
  •  Your current likelihood to pay the loan back in time as reflected by the CIBIL score
  • Your age

What type of interest rate is available for Loan Against Property at Kotak?

At Kotak Mahindra Bank, we provide fixed and floating/adjustable options for the rate of interest. A floating rate is applied to the outstanding amount and changes with time. 

Loan Against Property Interest Rate