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30 SEPTEMBER, 2022

Everybody dreams to live in a sprawling and spacious abode that is equipped with all the amenities. It should have a blooming garden, a huge driveway, a cosy swing, a terrace and maybe a backyard too. Looks like a lot of expectation. Right? Naturally, this dream cannot turn into reality for everyone. But does that mean that we cannot have all the necessities or luxuries with us, or we can live only in small homes with cluttered environments? Certainly not. How your house looks and feels is entirely upon you. You could feel suffocated in a bungalow or feel free in a small apartment too. It's all about the placement and furnishing.

With the space crunch and sky-rocketing prices, it can be challenging to find a huge bungalow. But it should not stop you from living your life your way in a small apartment too. You can have enough space and air ventilation if you can maximise available space and keep your house organised. Of course, undertaking this kind of work would require some expenditure on your end, but the end result would be worth the time and money spent. If money is the only thing holding you back, there are various options available to finance your home redecoration without any financial crunch. One such option is availing a personal loan for home renovation.

You can apply for personal loan for renovation easily, with advancements in technology making everything available at the click of a button. This kind of personal loan is easily available and you need not arrange for collateral to apply for it. All you need to do is check the personal loan eligibility, the prevailing interest rates and what all documents for a personal loan would you need to keep handy.

Now that the financial aspect of revamping your house’s interior is out of the way, here are some ways to maximise space in small homes.

Creative home décor ideas to maximise space

You would preferably feel comfortable in a house that is aesthetically arranged and decorated. Therefore, while you might need to cut down decorations and furniture in your house, it does not mean that your place has to look bland. Here are some creative ways to transform your house and maximise space.  

  • Utilise storage spaces

In a household, there are multiple things to keep. While you can keep them in separate cupboards, they can only occupy space which is hardly available in small apartments. Instead, you must strive to utilise storage space as much as possible. Make cupboards below the stairs or make upper cabinets to store your stuff. Similarly, buy a bed that has storage space inside it. You can fill it with things you use less but can be useful anytime. Moreover, instead of having too many drawers in the kitchen and bedroom, opt for drawers with dividers to store your things.

  • Focus on one room at a time

Trying to arrange the entire house in one go can be frustrating and challenging. Instead, look for making space one room at a time-

Living room design ideas

Do not keep too many furniture pieces if you have a small apartment. It could look cluttered and compact. Instead, opt for foldable and dual-use furniture. For example, you can invest in chairs that can expand to increase seating space, or a side table that can also be used as a coffee table or placing a nesting table. If you have a raised hearth near the bay window, you can add some cushions to make it a seating area too.

Use the space available on the wall. For example, you can mount your TV for a less cluttered look, or you can add floating shelves on the wall for decor pieces rather than keeping a separate showpiece cabinet. Experts also believe that using wide walls and oversized art paintings can make your house look bigger and more spacious. Moreover, it is best to paint the walls in a neutral colour. A dark shade of paint can make your house look smaller. Avoid using bulky show pieces, and instead use built-in wardrobes, bookshelves and storage cum decor pieces, like a trunk, bench diwan etc.

Kitchen revamping

Your kitchen can contain various stuff taking up considerable space. To avoid that, you can look for ways to use the walls and cabinet tops for storage. You can save counter space by hanging your cutlery and utensils on a magnetic strip below the upper cabinet. Floating shelves can also be used to store spice boxes, lightweight crockery and mugs. Hooks and pegboards are also an idea to hang coffee mugs. Avoid keeping utensils and supplies which you hardly use. Mount your oven or other electrical appliance on the wall cabinet to keep countertops empty and useful. 

Bathroom décor ideas

The bathroom space is often underused even though it contains all the self-care necessary stuff. If you store your cosmetics and wellness products on the wash basin counter, it might look like you have no space to add even a single more product. To maximise space, you can instead install steel racks above the counter or build cabinets below the washbasin. These can help you store all your skin and hair care products efficiently and keep your wash basin organised. Moreover, a pocket door requires less space than a conventional door. Consider installing them for your restrooms. Similarly, a floating vanity can help you store extra towels and laundry without occupying floor space.

  • Declutter

To maximise your house space, it is crucial to clear up your home from things you do not frequently use. Keeping unnecessary things can fill up spaces and make your house look smaller and congested. Try clubbing two rooms together, like dining and kitchen with foldable tables and nesting tables beside the outer kitchen countertop. If needed, you can make a few structural changes like extending a wall or demolishing a balcony to include it in the bedroom. You might also need to replace some furniture, upgrade appliances, or add in shelves. However, it is crucial to ensure that you have all the requisite necessities with you without the home looking messy, congested and suffocating.

It is said that having a clean and spacious house can reflect positively on your life by influencing your thoughts. Therefore, it is crucial to use the house space to its maximum level without crowding it. Thus, as mentioned earlier, if needed, you should not shy away from spending some money to purchase cabinets and furniture that save space. Therefore, it is prudent that you save your savings for other goals and instead use a home renovation loan.

So, before you start feeling frustrated with the amount of stuff lying around you with no space to keep them, check the personal loan interest rate, click on personal loan apply now button, and start beautifying your home effortlessly.

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