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24 NOVEMBER, 2022

The wind is cool as raindrops pitter patter on the ground, the skies are clear, and the surroundings are green and lush. The weather during monsoons is probably the best to travel around. In such a weather, it hardly makes sense to sit cooped up in your house and not enjoy the best of nature. People often wait for monsoons to start to tick off things on their travel list as it means no more sunburn and sweaty pictures. Though monsoons also bring with them lots of humidity and puddles and pothole-ridden roads, travelling in such weather has its own fun and charm. If you are adventurous and like to bask in nature's goodness, there can be nothing better than monsoons to plan your getaway.

However, often times, planning a trip is synonymous with the stress of sky-rocketing expenses rather than utilising this time off the daily grind to rejuvenate. While the constant worry of managing finances is valid, you can make things simpler by opting for a personal loan from Kotak to fund your travel expenses. As the idea of taking out a loan incubates in your subconscious, read on to know how you can plan your perfect trip and what role does taking out a travel loan play in making your travel goals a reality.

Tips for a perfect getaway

  • Budget your trip

Once you have decided on the destination to visit, prepare a budget. Decide how much amount you want to spend on the trip. The trip should be budget-friendly, but you should not compromise on the enjoyment and sightseeing. While you prepare the budget, ensure to include the cost of souvenir shopping, accommodation, flights, the entry fee for sightseeing, etc. You can explore alternate stay options like homestays, tents and travel hostels for a different experience.

While you plan a trip, do not let money dampen your spirit and excitement. If you do not want to exhaust your savings, opt for a travel loan. A travel loan is a personal loan that can help you fund all your expenses. It is simple to apply for a personal loan where you can get funds in your bank account within hours. Moreover, you need not waste days completing the formalities. You can benefit from easy personal loan eligibility and minimum documents.

  • Ensure safety

Adhering to safety tips and rules is extremely important when you plan a trip, especially during monsoons. Check the weather forecast before leaving and pay attention to any red alert warning owing to the weather. If you are taking the road, it would be best to get your car serviced so that it does not leave you stranded. Also, the tires should be strong enough to withstand slippery and wet roads. You could be tempted to taste the authentic food of the place you are visiting. However, avoid street food or fried snacks as they could contain germs during monsoons. It would be best to carry some snacks like biscuits, energy bars, and other ready-to-eat food items. Also, refrain from drinking unfiltered water or beverages. Do an adequate inquiry of the hotel and its surroundings before booking your stay to ensure it is safe.

  • Pack smart

You might need extra preparation and packing for a monsoon trip to keep yourself dry, warm and safe. Keep adequate raincoats, umbrellas and rain boots for all the family members. Also, ensure to keep necessary medicines that you might need for general cough, colds, digestive issues and infections. You must also keep insect repellents and ointment to protect yourself against mosquitoes and insects as they can make you sick. Moreover, you would need to carry documents for verification while you travel. Ensure to keep them safely in some waterproof pouch that protects them from getting wet.

Though you must travel light, ensure to keep suitable clothes. It would be best to carry fabrics that dry quickly, like cotton or synthetic fabrics. Do not forget to carry water-resistant and anti-skid footwear and rainy boots for excursions and adventure sports. Moreover, power cuts are common during monsoons, keep extra batteries, power banks and torches with you.

Additional tips

  • It is best to plan and make bookings at least a month before your travel date. If you book at the eleventh hour, you might need to pay hiked rates for everything.
  • If you are heading to an unknown place, ensure that you have a phone with a good network and a few contact numbers for necessary services.
  • If your kids are accompanying you, ensure to carry extra clothes to keep them warm during the rains.
  • If you plan to avail a travel loan, ensure to check the personal loan interest rate.

An important thing to keep in mind during monsoons is that you need to plan your trip well. Be it zeroing in on the places to visit or managing your funds, a spontaneous trip is not always the best. It is better to plan it well to enjoy the trip without any worry. And now that you have some important tips and advice that you can act on, let’s narrow down on a few places you can visit during monsoons.

Best places to visit during monsoons

Andaman & Nicobar Islands

  • A group of 570 islands, this unique destination flourishes with flora and fauna. You can indulge in adventure sports or just enjoy the cloudy grey skies, mellow seas, green foliage and rain pouring down the beach while admiring the mesmerising waves.
  • Munnar, Kerala

This hill station in Kerala is covered with tea plantations and dense green cover. It is also home to a variety of wildlife that you can spot if you are lucky. Moreover, Munnar is home to beautiful lakes, waterfalls and exquisite wildlife.

  • Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu

A treat to visit, Kodaikanal is a place where you can enjoy the beautiful view of lakes, waterfalls, hills and ghats. The rains make it more heavenly with low clouds and clear skies.

Though these places offer breath-taking views during monsoons, ensure to check the safety aspect. Ensure that there is no risk of you getting stranded due to heavy downpours, landslides or floods. Also, research about COVID-19 protocols and take adequate precautions. It would be best to check about any diseases or ailments indigenous to the area that could affect you. 

A small getaway can refresh and rejuvenate you to get back to work with double energy and vigour. Nothing better than going on a trip with your family in the romantic monsoon weather. If you need funds, a travel loan can help you arrange funds for the trip without the need to borrow from friends and family. It would be best to check a personal loan EMI calculator to ensure that you borrow within your affordability.

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