Fun ways to reveal a surprise vacation that your family won't see coming
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05 SEPTEMBER, 2022

The grand trip has been planned, the schedule has been finalised, accommodations have been reserved, and you cannot wait to inform your family about this surprise! It takes effort to plan a surprise vacation (as we all know!), so the trip reveal should be as exhilarating as the vacation itself.

To help you out, listed below are some fun vacation reveal ideas that will be just as exciting as the actual tour.


Surprise your family with a vacation by giving them a custom puzzle. Create a picture that indicates your vacation destination directly or gives your family a hint; cut the image up into smaller pieces - the more pieces, the more challenging the puzzle. Let the family rack their brains a little to discover the exciting vacation they'll be having. Have them put it together and watch the delight on their faces at the reveal! 

Treasure hunt

Who doesn't enjoy a good treasure hunt? Place clues around the house to lead your family to the final clue, which reveals either the destination or gives them a hint that they will soon be travelling. For instance, if you are going on vacation to a theme park, you might write your clues in that fashion. Your final clue should be a letter (or perhaps a postcard) that tells them precisely where and when you will be travelling. 

And if you haven't decided yet between beaches and mountains for your next vacation, the table below might help:


Points of comparison






Types of activities

Paragliding, mountain climbing, snowboarding, skiing, rappelling

Parasailing, swimming, volleyball, water bikes, kayaking

Best time to visit


All year round 


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Balloon pop

If you have children, then this one is for you! Children love balloons; their mere presence signals a reason for celebration. Get your kids excited about your planned family vacation by having a balloon-popping extravaganza. Before blowing them up, put a picture, postcard, or a note inside a balloon. Your kids will have fun popping them and finding the surprises inside.

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Cuisine reveal

How about treating your family to a delicious meal related to the destination you're considering? If you are heading to a beach destination, you can prepare a tropical meal at home with some fresh fruits and some punch or piña colada. You can also dress up accordingly. Let them relish and guess the location. And if cooking isn't your thing, you can create a puzzle using ingredients and let them crack the code.

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Give them travel essentials as a gift

Vacations often mean shopping for the destination to match the climate or even the place's vibe. Giving a gift that serves as a hint and a travel essential is another way to reveal your surprise trip. There are several options to pick from for a vacation-related gift - from pre-loaded travel pouches to swimsuits, camping tents, and more. You can also gift your children a gadget if you are planning a road trip to keep them entertained.

Still figuring out whether you should go on a road trip or take a flight to your destination? Don't worry, this might help you out: 


Points of comparison

Road trips



Car seats are more comfortable than those on aeroplanes, and you can stop whenever you want

Economy seats are less comfortable, however, travelling in first-class offers a different and memorable experience

Time consideration

Suitable for short-distance trips

Ideal for long-distance trips

Potential problems

Car breaking down, weather hazards, motion sickness, etc.

Delays, cancellations, space restrictions for toddlers, etc.


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