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25 APRIL, 2022

A credit card can be your go-to option during times of financial emergency. It reduces your dependency on loan products and provides quick access to funds. No loan can be as instantaneous as a credit card. The convenience that a credit card can offer to users is unmatched. It has a pre-specified limit for users to help them manage their finances smoothly. There is an upward trend in the adoption of credit cards over the past few years. Innovations in the credit card sphere have led to a rich diversity in credit cards.

Today, financial institutions are offering a wide range of credit cards for varied needs. All credit cards have a unique set of features that are best suited for their target customer base. For example, a travel credit card has added rewards and perks for frequent travelers such as discounted air tickets, lounge access, free meal coupons at airports, etc. A credit card can tremendously improve your travel experience by offering lucrative deals on travel-related expenses. Read on to know more about travel credit card benefits and how they can improve your experience. 

What is a travel credit card?

A travel credit card is a type of credit card that is only created for travel buffs. It offers an array of discounts and deals related to traveling that incentivize the purchase. It also helps travelers to save a decent amount of money through these deals. The reward points are customized to bank on travel-related expenses. Many travel credit cards offer users points also called ‘miles’ on account of travel-related purchases and normal shopping. These ‘miles’ points can be redeemed to book flight tickets and hotel stays at a massive discount and many times for free.

Key benefits of a travel credit card

Let’s take a quick glimpse into some of the most common credit card benefits offered to users for traveling.

1. Waived baggage fees

Credit card companies often have tie-ups with airline firms to offer interesting benefits to their customers. One of the most common benefits offered by travel credit cards to users includes waived baggage fees. Credit card users can avail of this option to get the check-in baggage fee waived for one or even two baggage.

2. Airport lounge access

Most travel credit cards offer an airport lounge access feature to users. If you are a frequent flyer, this can be a great deal for you. Premium credit cards offer complimentary airport lounge access to users. Lounge access can add a lot of complimentary benefits for travelers.

3. Lost or delayed luggage reimbursement

Many credit cards offer lost or delayed baggage insurance as secondary coverage. It will come in effect after any insurance charge or cover offered by the airline or travel service provider. It is best to read the terms and conditions of these policies before opting for one.

4. Airline fee credits

People often incur additional travel expenses at airports or on flights. These can be in the form of food, drinks, pet fees, baggage, or entertainment charges. Some travel credit cards offer reimbursement on these expenses as credit into your account. However, there is a cap on the amount that you can receive on these charges.

5. Travel accident insurance

Certain credit cards offer travel accident insurance to cardholders which provides heavy compensation in the case of any injuries or death while traveling. Some companies even offer a rental car collision damage waiver. Rental car insurance is offered in case you are planning to charge some of your rental car costs to your credit card.

How credit cards can improve your travel experience?

Credit cards can help travelers save a lot of money while traveling in different forms. A travel reward credit card is designed to reward travel expeditions. Let’s take a deep dive into how credit cards can improve your travel experience.

1. Get deals on flight bookings and hotels

One of the best ways how credit card improves your travel experience is by providing good deals on flight bookings. Air travel can be expensive and it can be a major part of the expenses for frequent flyers. Getting a deal now and then on your flight tickets can help you save a great deal of money on traveling. One can even use their credit card reward points to earn good deals on flight ticket bookings. Another key benefit is in the form of discounts at hotels and restaurants. You can easily get a luxury room for an affordable price using your credit cards. Saving on your traveling cost can be a real game-changer for your financial well-being.

2. Credit cards for upgrades

One of the most prominent benefits offered by a travel credit card is the ability to upgrade to a higher travel class. For example, many travel credit cards offer a free upgrade to business class air tickets to their users. The upgrades are not just limited to flight tickets but also apply to hotel rooms. A free ticket to luxury is something that most of us look forward to. If you pay for these tickets by yourself, it will cost you a hefty amount. Travel credit cards allow you to save this amount by offering free upgrades.

3. Leverage your credit card concierge services

Most people are unaware of the concierge service benefits offered by travel credit cards. A credit card concierge service will help you find relevant information about restaurants, transport services, famous places, etc. while traveling. It will even help you find information regarding events and tickets bookings easily. Frequent travelers often have a higher credit card status, which makes them eligible for special discounts and exclusive access to popular events. Concierge services can be really helpful in unfamiliar places and locations that you are planning to visit.

Final words

A travel credit card is exclusively designed to incentivize travelers for their purchases. The reward system is also in line with their regular spending habits. One can easily improve their travel experience by opting for the right travel credit card.

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