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26 SEPTEMBER, 2023

If you are fashionably savvy, you must have realised that Myntra has become synonymous with the latest fashion trends and high-quality products. Several celebrities also claim to rely on Myntra for their fashion-related requirements. If you are a regular Myntra shopper, you will definitely find Myntra credit card offers extremely beneficial to save bucks. For instance, the online shopping platform has recently partnered with Kotak Mahindra Bank to provide Kotak Myntra credit cards to its customers. You can apply for these cards via the Myntra application and enjoy lucrative fashion offers on your Myntra shopping.

Benefits like discounts on every purchase, free e-vouchers, and access to Myntra Insider Membership make these cards worth obtaining. Let's look into the benefits of fashion shopping with credit cards, top cards for fashion enthusiasts, strategies for maximising rewards, and other details.

Benefits of Using Credit Cards for Fashion Shopping

Credit Cards have changed how you shop on Myntra by giving easy credit with lucrative discounts and offers. You may enjoy innumerable benefits of using credit cards for fashion shopping. The prime ones include the following:

  • Buy on Credit: The card has a credit limit to shop to your heart's content and pay the price later. It does not affect your monthly budget even if you purchase high-value items on credit. It converts the total shopping amount into low-cost EMIs you can easily repay over time, thus revolutionising your shopping experience.
  • Discounted Shopping: Myntra credit cards provide discounts on every spend, making your fashion shopping cheaper and helping you save money.
  • Reward Points: These credit cards offer reward points every time you shop with them. You can redeem these points later to shop more at Myntra or other partner brands.
  • E-Vouchers: Many credit cards come with e-vouchers that you can redeem to shop at the store and save money.
  • Myntra Insider Membership Access: The Myntra Insider program offers various benefits, including free shipping, SuperCoins, exclusive savings and offers, early access to sales, etc. If you apply for a Myntra credit card, you become a member of the Insider program within a few days of card issuance.
  • Cashbacks: Apart from discounts and e-vouchers, these credit cards offer cashback when you shop at preferred partners and other spends across various categories.
  • Milestone Benefit: On reaching milestones, these credit cards provide special gifts at regular intervals. For instance, if you spend Rs. 50,000 in a quarter using a Kotak Myntra credit card, you get two complimentary PVR tickets worth Rs. 250 each.
  • An Opportunity to Improve the Credit Score: If you use your credit card wisely and repay its bills on time, you can improve your credit score and obtain easy loans in the future.

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Exploring Top Features and Benefits of Myntra Kotak Credit Cards for Fashion Enthusiasts

With more customers shopping at Myntra, Kotak partnered with the online fashion giant to cater to the rising demand. From clothes and footwear to accessories, people can buy every fashion item online at Myntra and earn rewards for their purchases. Here are a few features that make the Kotak Myntra credit card unique:



Instant Discount

7.5% discount on every Myntra purchase

First Transaction Bonus

Rs. 1,000 Myntra e-voucher on your first transaction

Airport Lounge Access

One access per quarter at domestic airports

Cashback on Non-Myntra Purchases

Unlimited 1.25% cashback on all purchases outside Myntra

Cashback on Other Brands

5% cashback on brands like Cleartrip, Swiggy Instamart, PVR, Swiggy, and Urban Company

Fuel Surcharge Waiver

1% waiver on fuel surcharge, up to Rs. 3,500

Complimentary PVR Tickets

Two PVR tickets worth Rs. 250 each on quarterly spends over Rs. 50,000

Card Renewal Fee

Nominal renewal fee; waived for annual expenditure over Rs. 2 Lakh

Strategies for Maximising Fashion Rewards

Myntra offers a credit card to help you make big purchases in EMIs and provides rewards and cashback to increase your savings. Using the card wisely and strategising its usage can maximise your fashion rewards. Here are a few strategies to make the most out of your Myntra credit card:

  • Avoid shopping just for the sake of earning fashion rewards.
  • Use the card for shopping at other partner brands to maximise the benefits.
  • Pick a card that matches your lifestyle to earn maximum bonus rewards.
  • Read the terms and conditions carefully to know the latest rules, get informed about all the partner brands and offers, and how to redeem them to maximise your savings.
  • Myntra puts up sales from time to time to offer products at discounted rates. Members of the Insider program get early access to these sales. Use your Myntra credit card to access these sales before others and get the best deals.
  • Take advantage of the Welcome Bonus: Many credit card providers offer welcome bonuses to attract new customers. For instance, Kotak Myntra credit cards provide an e-voucher worth Rs. 1,000. Utilise this voucher to save money on your Myntra shopping.

Fashion Retail Partnerships and Exclusive Deals

Many credit card companies partner with retail fashion brands to offer special discounts to customers. When a credit card holder uses their credit card to shop on the partner brand, they earn merchandise points, discounts, cashback, and other rewards. To issue a fashion credit card, the merchant must partner with a finance company to provide special fashion offers and exclusive deals to their customers.


Fashion credit cards help fashion retailers like Myntra draw customers and provide them with extra perks. As a Myntra customer, you must use these cards intelligently to make the most of Myntra credit card offers and save money on your online fashion shopping.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Fashion Credit Cards

1. How do fashion credit card offers work?

Fashion brands partner with credit card companies to offer special discounts to their customers. For instance, when you purchase at Myntra using a Kotak Myntra credit card, you enjoy several benefits like discounts, cashback, Insider program membership, etc.

2. Can I use any credit card for fashion shopping, or are there specific cards for this purpose?

You can use any card for fashion shopping. However, using specific cards for the purpose brings additional benefits and discounts.

3. How do I choose the right credit card for fashion offers?

Choose a credit card co-branded with a retail store you use the most for online shopping.

4. Can I combine fashion credit card rewards with other discounts or loyalty programs?

Yes, you also get Myntra insider program membership with their fashion credit card to maximise your savings.

5. How can I avoid overspending while using fashion credit card offers?

Keep a check on your spending habits, take maximum advantage of the available fashion offers, and put a limit on your online shopping to avoid overspending.

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