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16 SEPTEMBER, 2022

Credit cards help people struggling with poor cash flows. With the right credit card, people can get a better hold of their finances. There are different types of credit cards for various use cases. For example, student credit cards are available with minimal charges for students. Similarly, a rewards credit card offers cashback and other benefits on purchasing. The Zen Signature Credit Card offered by Kotak is making waves in 2022. The Zen Credit Card offers travel benefits, retail benefits, and more. Read on to discover the features of the Kotak Zen Signature Credit Card.

How does the Zen Card work?

Kotak Zen Signature Credit Card is a unique credit card that offers several benefits to users. The Zen Card equally offers rewards, travel benefits, and milestone benefits. For every Zen Signature Credit Card use, a customer gets reward points. The milestone program of the credit card runs on Zen points. Users earn Zen points after spending with the Zen Signature credit card. Users can use these points to unlock greater rewards. As the Zen points increase, the benefits also increase. Many people have already benefited from Kotak's Zen Signature Credit Card.

Travel benefits of the Zen Signature Card

Apart from retail benefits and rewards, people use the Zen card for travel benefits. There are two types of travel benefits offered by the Zen card. These are annual travel benefits and priority pass access. Let us understand both the travel benefits of the Zen card:

Travel benefits and conditions of the Zen card are as follows:

  • The Zen card offers annual travel benefits (for a year).
  • Zen cardholders get complimentary airport lounge access.
  • Cardholders get eight complimentary airport lounge access for a year. For every quarter, credit card users get two complimentary airport lounge access.
  • The card users get complimentary access to several lounges operated by Dream Folks in India.
  • With the Zen card, individuals can enjoy complimentary access to 27 lounges across the country. These lounges are in cities like New Delhi, Nagpur, Mumbai, Kolkata, Goa, Hyderabad, and Kochi.

Apart from travel benefits, Zen cardholders also get Priority Pass Access. With Priority Pass membership, cardholders can enjoy three complimentary international lounge access. The Pass is valid for a year and offers three access passes for lounges outside India. More than 1300 international lounges worldwide are included in the Priority Pass. Some terms and conditions associated with the Priority Pass are as follows:

  • International lounge access via Priority Pass is only for the primary Zen cardholder.
  • Apart from the primary cardholder, USD 27 will be charged to each guest for international lounge access.
  • After a year, the validity of the Priority Pass will expire. After the expiration of the Priority Pass, the primary cardholder will be charged USD 27 for international lounge access.
  • The customer has to place a request to acquire a Priority Pass.
  • Priority Pass is offered only when the user makes four purchase transactions within 12 months.
  • If a Zen card user hasn’t made four purchase transactions, they can pay INR 2000 and acquire a Priority Pass.

At international lounges, individuals get facilities like an air-conditioned area, refreshments, a shower, telephone, television, and Wi-Fi connectivity. Credit cardholders can use their annual travel credit at their will. Zen card is excellent for travel buffs that spend a lot on domestic and international lounges. Travel credits are just the starting benefits of the Zen card. One can also benefit from the Milestone program of Zen card.

The Zen Point system

For every INR 150 spent on purchases, Zen cardholders can earn 10 Zen Points. These points are available on shopping for apparel, lifestyle products, and jewellery via credit card. Credit card users earn five zen points when shopping for other items (every INR 150). After spending INR 3 lakh in a year via credit card, users get 7,500 bonus Zen Points. After spending INR 6 lakh in a year, Zen credit card holders can get 15,000 Zen Points. Based on the spending, credit card users will be eligible for only one of the milestones. Zen Card users can acquire a welcome gift of 1500 Zen Points. The remaining Zen Points can be used by the credit card holder as and when required. Make sure to read the terms and conditions associated with using Zen Points.

Additional benefits of the Zen Signature Card

Credit cardholders are eligible for many other benefits besides travel credits and Zen Points. Additional benefits for Zen Signature Card holders are as follows:

  • For fuel spending, credit card users do not earn Zen Points. However, Zen Card holders will enjoy a 1% surcharge waiver on fuel transactions. A waiver is applicable for fuel transactions between INR 500 and INR 3000. In a financial year, Zen cardholders can enjoy a surcharge waiver of up to INR 3,500 on fuel transactions.
  • On railway transactions made via www.irctc.co.in, credit card holders can enjoy a surcharge waiver of 1.8%. Cardholders can enjoy a surcharge waiver of 2.5% for transactions via physical railway counters. In a financial year, credit card users can enjoy a maximum railway surcharge waiver of INR 500.
  • Kotak extends priority attend customer services to Zen Signature cardholders. Any issues of Zen cardholders will be solved on priority.
  • The Zen credit card consists of an EMV chip that offers additional security. The card also has a 6-digit PIN authentication for extra safety and secure transactions.
  • For a minimal fee of INR 299, Zen credit card users can acquire an add-on card. Zen cardholders can also apply for multiple add-on cards.

Credit cards with annual travel credit can help individuals to save on travel costs. The Zen Signature credit card offers it all, from lounge access to surcharge waivers. Apply for your Kotak Zen card right away!  

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