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Filed a credit card application and need to check credit card status? A credit card application status check can be easily done online through the bank’s website. Or you can even track your credit card application status offline through the bank’s customer care number. After choosing the best credit card in India that suits your requirements, it takes a while for your application to be evaluated and the credit card disbursal process can be lengthy. That’s why, each bank provides a facility to track credit card application status.

Online Credit Card Application Status Check

You can instantly check credit card status online. Keep these details handy to track your credit card application status:

  • Application Number
  • Date of Birth
  • Pan Number
  • Mobile Number

Once you have the required information ready, track credit card application online in these simple steps:

  • Go to the official website of your bank
  • Click on Track Application
  • Then click on Application Status
  • When prompted, enter the required information. Example: your application number, mobile number, date of birth, PAN number, etc.
  • Click on submit
  • The result of your credit card application status check will be instantly displayed

If you wish to track credit card application offline, you can either visit the bank directly or SMS/call the bank’s customer care number.

Offline Credit Card Application Status Check

For any reason, if you cannot check credit card status online, then you may choose an offline method. Here’s how to check credit card application status offline:

Via Customer Care Number

  • Make sure all your application details are ready before you initiate a credit card application status check
  • Call the bank’s Customer Care number
  • Follow the executive’s instructions on how to track credit card application

Via SMS:

 In case you have opted for their SMS services, you can carry a credit card application status check via SMS.

Via Visit to the Nearest Branch:

You can also visit the bank’s branch in person to track credit card application.

How Can One Track The Application Status Of A Kotak Mahindra Credit Card?

Focusing on our ‘customer first’ policy, Kotak Mahindra Bank offers a seamless portal to check credit card status instantly. To know how to check credit card application status, follow these steps:

  • Visit https://www.kotak.com/en/transaction-services/track-application.html
  • To track your credit card application status, select – Credit Card
  • Select an identifier from – Mobile number and DOB / Application Form Number / Form Number.
    Please keep this information handy for later use.
  • On clicking the ‘Submit’ tab, your application status will be visible to you.
  • In case you have forgotten the reference information or do not have any of the details, you may call our 24x7 helpline number at 18602662666*.

(*local call charges applicable)

Credit Card Application Eligibility

Credit Card application eligibility varies according to the issuer bank.  A small mistake may result in rejection and hurt your credit score. Some common credit card eligibility criteria are:

  • Minimum age: 18 years
  • Minimum income: Depending upon the credit card category, this will usually vary; so make sure you apply for a credit card that matches your income
  • Applicant must be either a salaried person or self-employed
  • Credit score: A good credit score is essential for the bank to approve your credit card application

Visit Kotak Mahindra Bank’s website for credit card application status check, if you have already applied for a credit card.

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The use of credit cards makes our life easy. Be it shopping or utility payment, they offer ease and convenience. If you have applied for a credit card, you may want to receive and use it at the earliest. Now, you can check credit card status easily through online and offline processes.

Credit Card Application Status FAQs

How do I know if my credit card application has been rejected or approved?

You can conduct a credit card application status check to know the exact update on your credit card application. You can track credit card application status via netbanking, customer care number, SMS or by visiting your nearest branch. In any case, the Kotak Mahindra Bank Team will inform you whether your application has been rejected or approved via an SMS or email. Applicants should note that this process includes determining your eligibility based on your application and documents submitted.

Do I need to have a bank account with Kotak Mahindra Bank before applying for a credit card issued by you?

No, you don’t need a bank account with Kotak Mahindra Bank to apply for our credit cards. Upon credit card application, you can easily check credit card status through online and offline methods.

Can I track my credit card status using an Air Way Bill number?

No. Our trusted delivery partners send you the Airway Bill number (AWB) once we have dispatched your credit card. With this, you can track the card delivery and know the estimated delivery time. The AWB bears no connection to the application status. You can track your credit card application status through netbanking or SMS or by calling our Customer Care or visiting the nearby branch.

What should I do if my credit card application gets rejected?

If your credit card application gets rejected, you will receive a letter from the bank stating the reason for rejection. You can reapply after rectification. If the rejection is due to ineligibility, you can apply for a basic card instead of a premium one. In case you don’t receive the letter, you can request one through the customer care number. Or you can check credit card status online. If you are wondering how to track credit card application, then be rest assured. It’s a simple process and can instantly provide you with an update.

What should I do if I don’t have the application reference number for the credit card application?

In case you have misplaced the application reference number, you may call our 24x7 helpline number at 18602662666. They will provide you with the application reference number after verification of your personal details such as PAN number, date of birth, address, etc. Please note that local call charges will be applicable.

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