Swiggy Coupon Codes & Discounts: Maximize Savings with Kotak Credit Card Offers
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23 OCTOBER, 2023

These days, many people prefer ordering food online rather than visiting a restaurant. Swiggy is the leading player in the segment because it offers lots of exciting deals and discounts on orders. Compared to other food delivery partners available in India, Swiggy gives the lowest figure at checkout. Further, if you want to maximize your savings by earning more cashbacks and discounts, you must check the best Swiggy offers on credit card payments. These cards have special offers on the platform that let you enjoy discounts when ordering food. For instance, if you are a Kotak Mahindra credit card holder, you can trim your food expenses significantly on Swiggy.

Let’s explore the benefits, discounts, rewards, and cashbacks available.

Benefits of Using Credit Cards on Swiggy

Swiggy is one of India's most popular food delivery apps, offering a wide variety of food options from numerous restaurants. Using a credit card to make your Swiggy order payments can offer a host of benefits, including the following:

  1. Cashback Offers: Paying Swiggy orders using a credit card lets you earn cashbacks. The exact cashback amount will depend on the type of credit card used on the Swiggy app and the benefits it offers.
  2. Discounts and Deals: Credit card holders can access exclusive discounts and deals on Swiggy orders. For instance, you can get a 25% discount on your restaurant gift vouchers and use them on Swiggy to redeem them. The offer is valid on restaurant category gift vouchers until March 31, 2024.
  3. Reward Points: Credit card users earn reward points every time they pay using one. Accumulate reward points by spending more and redeem them to travel, recharge, shop, and more. You can pay the remaining amount using your Kotak credit card if you have not yet accumulated enough reward points.
  4. Exclusive Promotions: Swiggy and Kotak occasionally come up with exclusive promotions to maximise their customers' savings. For instance, you can get an instant discount of 20% on a minimum transaction value of Rs. 500 by using a Kotak Debit and Spendz Card. This Swiggy discount coupon is valid for orders on Thursdays only. The maximum discount is Rs. 125 per transaction, and the offer is valid twice per user per card. The last date to avail of this offer is December 31, 2023.

Types of Credit Card Offers on Swiggy

Within a few years of its inception, Swiggy has followed a growth trend by expanding into the credit card segment. It has partnered with several banks and credit card companies to increase growth, gain valuable information, and diversify revenue streams. Offering personalised credit card offers encourages spending and deepens customer loyalty, making credit cards a gateway to the top markets of India. For instance, Kotak credit card holders can avail of these Swiggy offers on credit cards:





Discount on gift vouchers

25% discount on restaurant gift vouchers

March 31, 2024

Voucher denominations can be between Rs. 100 and Rs. 10,000

Everyday Specials on Thursdays

Rs. 125 discount per transaction

December 31, 2023

Valid for orders on Thursdays only

Valid twice per user, per card

How to Avail Swiggy Offers on Credit Cards?

A. Registering or Linking Your Credit Card

To avail of a Swiggy coupon code using Kotak Mahindra credit card, you must first register or link your credit card on the Swiggy checkout page by entering your card details. These include your credit card number, cardholder's name, validity, etc.

B. Selecting and Applying Offers

Select the Swiggy discount coupon you want to redeem on the purchase.

C. Making Payments and Redeeming Offers

Use your Kotak credit card to pay for your Swiggy order and redeem the offer.

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Tips for Maximising Credit Card Benefits on Swiggy

Here are a few tips to maximise your Swiggy credit card benefits:

  • Since Swiggy offers multiple offers from time to time, check out the latest Swiggy coupon code offers and redeem them to get the benefits.
  • Timing your orders is essential. For instance, the Swiggy discount code offers up to Rs. 125 on orders above Rs. 500 on Thursday. Leverage this offer if you happen to place your order on Thursday.
  • Check the offer’s limitations and ensure redeeming them to maximise your benefit. For instance, if the Swiggy discount coupon offer is valid only twice per user per card before December 31, 2023, try to use it twice before the last date.
  • Spend more to accumulate Kotak reward points and redeem them to maximise your savings.


Kotak Mahindra Bank makes ordering food online fun by offering customers exclusive benefits and reward programs. With the introduction of various credit card offers, Kotak Mahindra Bank has strengthened its relationship with customers using its credit card on Swiggy.

Moving ahead, Kotak and Swiggy are growing their number of Swiggy discount code deals and offers to diversify their customer base and improve customer loyalty. By prioritising customers’ money and time, Kotak has established itself as a frontrunner in the market.

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Q1. How can I find Swiggy offers on my credit card?

On the checkout page, click the Offers section to see which credit card offers apply to your order. You can also visit your credit card company's website to see what offers they provide on Swiggy orders.

Q2. What types of offers are usually available on Swiggy with credit cards?

Different types of offers are available on Swiggy with credit cards. The most common are cashbacks, flat discounts on minimum order value, or a percentage off on order value up to a specific limit.

Q3. Do I need a specific credit card to avail of Swiggy offers?

Yes, Swiggy partners with credit card companies to offer credit card-specific offers. So, you must see which offers apply to your credit card when paying on Swiggy.

Q4. Are these offers available to all credit cardholders?

Some offers might be available to all credit cardholders, while others are offered to particular cardholders only. You must check the offer details to be sure.

Q5. Can I combine Swiggy offers with other promotions or discounts?

Usually, only one Swiggy coupon code is applicable per order.

Q6. Are there any limitations or restrictions on Swiggy offers with credit cards?

Yes, limitations can be in the form of the last date, minimum order value, number of uses per user or per card, maximum discount, etc.

Q7. How can I stay updated on the latest Swiggy offers on credit cards?

Swiggy offers Whatsapp notifications and emails to their regular customers. You can subscribe to them to get the latest updates on Swiggy offers on credit cards.

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