16 AUGUST, 2023

Congratulations! It’s a boy/girl!!!

This is that one declaration which changes around just about everything in life. You see a sudden shift in position, from being the most important person in your spouse’s life, to being a nanny cum washer cum driver cum doctor cum everything that one can think off on earth. But they all say, ‘It’s totally worth it!’
For parents who already have a kid at home, the arrival of a new baby is like revisiting old memories. The journey is relatively easier because it's a path they have tread earlier. But if you are a first-time parent, the feeling is a mixed bag of love, doubt, insecurities; most of all — it is loads and loads of responsibilities. But do not panic! Help is here, right on the screen before you. For all the things you had already read about and many more of them which no one ever told you, here’s a list of the most important changes you should be prepared for, once your bundle of joy arrives into your world:

Bidding adieu to the all-night sleep

A baby follows its personal natural clock when it comes to sleeping. As a parent, you will need to be on a look out for those few extra minutes that your baby may sleep, to enjoy some additional nap time. If you are lucky enough, your baby may start sleeping through the night as early as 9 months. But till then an all-night sleep may be a far-fetched dream.

First month is the most difficult

New to the world, your baby is very vulnerable to the outside atmosphere and you as a parent are also getting used to handling a child. While a mother’s body is busy recovering during its first month, a father’s mind is occupied accepting the changes a baby brings to the family. Feeding, vaccination and getting used to taking full-time care of your baby — there are scores of challenges that parents face following a baby’s birth.

Pressure — too much to handle

It takes almost 6 months for your baby to use sign language as an expression of what it feels. Parenthood is all about understanding your baby’s need without any proper communication. You never know what your baby might be crying for this time – it may be hungry or sleeping or just pooping. Every time your baby cries, you may end up putting in all permutation combinations because you never know which one would click!

Social life takes a back seat

Your baby may be too shy of a crowd, or unwilling to move out of its happy space, it may have food preferences and sleep timings which do not coincide with that party you don't want to miss. Your baby might suddenly feel ignored and start crying right between the juiciest gossips or hilarious banters. Your baby may not wish to go into the arms of your over enthusiastic aunt who has flown in all the way to meet you. Many a times it may so happen that you find yourself sitting a quiet room comforting your baby, while the rest of your clan is happily enjoying their hearts out.

Just baby on your mind 24x7

Your baby becomes your world. Suddenly all your topics of discussion change from the new pair of jeans you wanted to buy or your favourite watch on television to what your baby does all day long. Your priorities change from completing work assignments to feeding your baby at the right timings or changing its diaper as required. Meeting dear ones is now all about showing all that your baby can manage to do at this age and how well you are coping up with this new lifestyle.

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Put brakes on reckless spending

With a baby comes a huge heap of responsibilities. Just think of it, all the moments when your parents sacrificed their needs for your likes. You come to a point where buying that extra pair of shoes or taking another vacation soon after needs a thought. You now have another member who requires a major chunk of your earnings. So, say good-bye to impromptu spendthrift shopping and welcome a budget planner app on your smart phones. You could also consider saving for your child’s future, opening a minor savings account, or planning investments in their name. These facilities are now only a click way. To help with budgeting and saving more every month, a savings account that offers an attractive interest rate could be one of the solutions.

Coming back home to your bundle of joy

No matter how many times you have spent sleepless nights or been pooped on, a smile on your child’s face pays off for all your hard work. A hug from your baby, the trust that the little one puts in you makes a parent’s heart swell with joy. Looking at your bundle of joy will never be tiring and the day it says Mamma/Daddy will be your hallelujah moment! So, till then, all you mommies and daddies out there, hang on and let your hard work do the talking.

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