Frequently Asked Questions

What is Priority Pass?

Priority Pass is the world's largest independent airport VIP lounge programme that gives you access to over 1000 VIP lounges in more than 130 countries and 500 cities worldwide.

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Which are the airport lounges which accept Priority Pass?

Priority Pass is valid at all the lounges that come under the Priority Pass programme. Visit http://www.prioritypass.com/Lounges/index.cfm for the entire list.

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Why Priority Pass?

Following are the advantages:

  • Although most of the major airlines will have their own lounge facilities at many of their destinations, this is not always guaranteed. And it is usually at the less popular destinations where an airline lounge does not exist that you need one most! Priority Pass is a great back-up in such circumstances.
  • All lounges listed in Priority Pass Directory are open to all members, irrespective of the airline you fly with.

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What can I expect from a lounge?

Peace. Space. Comfort. Why not avail of all?


  •         Refreshments:
Get refreshments served at the lounge, so you don't have to queue up for expensive airport food.
  •         Rejuvenate before you travel:
Get a chance to relax before taking the flight. Or if you wish, you can use the lounge business facilities to catch up on work and stay in touch with the office.
  •         Benefits:
Avail the use of phones, fax machines, internet, even conference rooms in the lounge area.

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How does the Priority Pass work at the airport lounge?

Look around for the followings:

  • Look for the Priority Pass signage/logo
  • Present your Priority Pass to the lounge personnel
  • The Priority Pass will be swiped through a terminal and a slip will be given to you
  • You will have to sign the slip, give one copy to the lounge personnel and retain the other copy with you

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