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After what felt like a lifetime of homework, projects and tests, you’ve finally graduated from a " student" to
an "employee". Well done! But this doesn’t mean that you’ve been relieved from all that hard work, home work and learning. In fact, it’s only just begun.

Your first job is always a memorable experience! It’s your first time facing the real world challenges of a
workplace. But as with anything new, there are bound to be a few surprises.However, you need not go into it completely unawares. Here are a few things you could expect:

It will take time to acclimatize:

Entering the professional world can be intimidating. As a new addition to your workforce, there’s a lot you'll need to learn, right from your work profile to the intricate operational matrices within the organisation. You might, at some point in time, begin to doubt your skills/knowledge, or even your ability to learn and imbibe. But remember to keep an open mind about constructive feedback; it will only help build up your talent and potential. Since the first job is said to lay the groundwork for the future, remember to stay positive and
keep yourself motivated.

Big responsibilities come with time:

It's only after having noticed your potential that your organisation made the decision to hire you. Since it is
your first job, you’re likely to be pumped up and may feel all set to take on the world. However, you won’t be taking on major challenges from the word go. The early days are a testing period. Being allotted minor and seemingly unimportant tasks, you might find yourself and your potential not being challenged enough. But these jobs form an essential part of your basic training and will help you understand your job profile better, and also refine your skills. Show that you can operate professionally and competently, solve problems and make prudent decisions — all through your everyday work. Once your manager or seniors notice your skills, they will start giving you more responsibilities, and counting on you for more critical jobs.

Know the true cost of everything:

Since childhood we’ve been hearing ‘Everything in life comes at a price’ and 'Time is money'. The same goes for your professional life. Having a job isn’t just about independence or financial freedom. It is also a huge responsibility. As you embark on this new journey, the first few months may seem quite difficult. You'll need to get accustomed to work procedures, office protocols etc. Understanding and appreciating that your
decisions could affect those in your department or even the whole company, could be a critical turning point. You’ll also realise that there isn't much free time on hand, apart from weekends and evenings. So plan your workdays and weekends well, and make good use of your time.

Money matters:

While starting out with your first job, the first thing on your mind is usually Money, and money is typically
followed by passion and growth opportunities. Do negotiate a satisfactory salary before finalising the job offered to you. Don’t be surprised if the salary documented on your offer letter is significantly higher than what you receive in hand. This happens because of the various deductions like professional tax, TDS etc. Also note that Cost to Company (CTC) mentioned in your offer letter is always higher than what you would receive even before tax deduction. So do ask what your actual in-hand package would be while negotiating. Once you start receiving your salary, make sure to start investing with an intent to save on tax and grow your wealth. Start with small investments, as it will help you understand the financial tools available. To know about investments like SIP, Fixed Deposit, Recurring Deposit, get in touch with us. 

While a new job comes with a lot of challenges, it’s super exciting as well. Remember to enjoy what you’re
doing and you never know what opportunities lie just around the corner.





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