Top Performing Mutual Funds in the Indian Market: Maximizing Returns
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Mutual funds are often considered asset investments, supported by agencies that pool your money, providing better returns and association with best-performing funding options. In simple terms, Mutual funds are nothing but clubs of investment in various types, which will bring better returns in the face of stocks, markets, and trades.

Classified into equity funds, debt funds, and hybrid funds, the importance lies in its return. With a better, well-researched, and top investment in funds, you can get better and higher returns, which are managed by companies, providing surplus benefits to the investors.

Widely used, mutual funds are said to be hassle-free, as they are managed by companies that not only guide you with the best funding but also provide you with higher returns.

Top 17 Best Performing Mutual Funds

Mutual Funds 5 Year Return 3 Year Return Minimum Investment

Kotak Emerging Equity Fund

19.78% 23.87% Rs 500
Kotak Equity Opportunities Fund 23.12% 30.51% Rs 100
ICICI Prudential Commodities Fund 46.27% Rs 5000
Quant Infrastructure Fund 21.32% 43.1% Rs 5000
Quant Flexi Cap Fund 18.48% 38.3% Rs 5000
Quant Infrastructure Fund Growth 26.2% 37.08%
DPS Health Care Fund 21.46% Rs 500
Aditya Birla Sun Life CEF 9.9% 19.63% Rs 1000
Baroda BNP Paribas Dynamic Bond Fund 13.68% 18.56% Rs 5000
PGIM India Corporate Bond Fund 11.28% 15.84% Rs 5000
ICICI Prudential Multicap Fund 8.25% 15.15% Rs 5000
Franklin India Low Duration Fund Growth 11.28% 13.66%
Quant Multi Asset Fund 20.93% 31.67% Rs 5000
Aditya Birla Sun Life PSU Equity Fund 27.71% Rs 500
Quant Absolute Fund payout of Income Distribution cum Capital Withdrawal fund 17.78% 28.06%
Quant Absolute Fund of Reinvestment of Income distribution cum Capital Withdrawal option 17.78% 28.06%
ICICI Prudential Thematic Fund 15.38% 27.92% Rs 5000

Criteria for Evaluating Top Performing Mutual Funds

To ensure the best mutual funds, there are a few points and checkboxes which will help you decide on the best and top-performing mutual funds.

  • Check Fund’s track record: To have a better investment and top mutual fund, check the track record of the management company and return values.
  • Check the financial ratios: Ensure you have gone through the alpha and beta and done all the necessary calculations before you invest in any of the top claimed funds.
  • Check the expense ratio: It is the fee charged by the management to manage your fund investment; therefore, one should consider this before taking up the mutual fund investment decision.
  • Investment objective: Often considered as the least important factor, but this plays a crucial role while selecting your mutual fund investment plan. Before making any investment plans, one should decide and figure out their goals regarding the fund investment.

Best Performing Equity Mutual Funds

Equity Mutual Funds 5 Year Return 3 Year Return Minimum Investment
Kotak Emerging Fund Equity 19.78% 23.87% Rs 500
Quant Infrastructure Fund 28.51% 39.81% Rs 1000
SBI Contra Fund 23.08% 36.55% Rs 500
Motilal Oswal Midcap Fund 23.70% 36.41% Rs 500

Criteria For Evaluating Equity Funds

Being aware of your equity funds benefits and making decisions after evaluation is necessary. Here is a list of things you should consider while evaluating your investment in equity funds.

  • Goal and Risk Tolerance: When planning to invest in an equity fund, conduct thorough research and ensure your goal is aligning well with the risks of the fund.
  • Style and Fund type: To make an accurate choice with investment in equity funds, ensure the type, return, and other long and short-term benefits of the investment.
  • Interest rate risk: When planning an investment in mutual equity funds, the rate of interest provided by the management is a must-consider thing.
  • Fees on funds: It is to be noted that management companies for mutual funds make money by charging fees to investors. Therefore, checking the fees taken by the company you are associating with is important.
  • Evaluation of the company and its record: Before you invest, it is crucial to research and know about the past track record of the mutual fund you are investing in and the company which will be responsible for the same.

Best Performing Debt Mutual Funds

Debt Mutual Funds 5 Year Return 3 Year Return Minimum Investment
Kotak Money Market Fund 5.91% 5.02% Rs 100
Aditya Birla Sun Life Banking & PSU Debt Fund 7.09% 4.61% Rs 1000
Kotak Banking and PSU Debt Fund 7.69% 5.17% Rs 100
Kotak Bond Short-Term Fund 7.43% 4.97% Rs 5000

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